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    Setting up: The GIGO Sewers



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    Setting up: The GIGO Sewers

    Post by Bloodscream on Wed May 27, 2015 11:56 pm

    Time: 5:00 AM
    Date: 5/15/15

    The stench of waste and foul water rose to caress his face and wrap his body in their hot embrace. In the inner city the sewers could probably simply pass as filthy, shit was shit after all, there was no getting around that. In the outer district the sewers held a certain level of disgusting that Bloodscreams mind could not fully wrap around, nor did it want to. Every filthy thing that could be or was managed to find its way down into the GIGO sewers. A breeding ground for every disease known to life and rats the size of dogs.

    Bloodscream resolutely made up his mind not to stay long. He pulled out his cameras and got to work, setting them up at the entrances and exits. He check the batteries, good, the charge was holding, still he would have to come back in a month to change them out again. He would also have to check for water damage, no doubt the sewage and the heat would cause them to corrode.

    Checking the feed Bloodscream was pleased to see that everything was coming through. Content with his work he very quickly exited the sewers. The sun would be up soon, and he very desperately needed a shower.

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