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    Setting up: The Ghetto Gateway



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    Setting up: The Ghetto Gateway

    Post by Bloodscream on Tue May 26, 2015 7:33 pm

    Time: 4:36 AM
    Date: 5/15/15

    The Ghetto Gateway, of all the places in the outer district to not be caught in, this was probably in a top three list. The place was highly un-monitored, and so all manner of unspeakable things happened. But really, what else could be expected? This was the outer district after all.

    In the dark of early morning Bloodscream walked through the ghetto and sniffed out the best locations. He sought places high up with a good vantage point, places that could watch the dark entrances and exits to the ghetto, places where the cameras could not so easily be seen. Once he located at least five he set to work. Climbing up to such points was an easy enough feat, Bloodscream just had to make sure that he wasn't seen and that he worked quickly. A not as easy feat, but not exactly difficult. Four AM in the ghetto gateway did not see the heaviest traffic, and he was well adept at blending into the darkness.

    The first wireless camera in place Bloodscream moved on to the next, and then the next, until finally all five were in place. Pulling out a little flat device Bloodscream checked the signals and looked over the new feed that was streaming in. Good, everything seemed up and operational. The batteries on the cameras would need to be changed once a month, but that would be no problem. The device was heavily enough encrypted to make most hacking difficult. And if by some way it was hacked, the device was of his own personal use, and only for this. No one that got in would find anything about his organization or its location.

    Satisfied Bloodscream gathered his things and left, fading back into the dark.

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