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    Seeking to end the silence



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    Seeking to end the silence

    Post by Grodus on Wed May 20, 2015 11:28 pm

    Time: 4:15 AM
    Date: 5/17/2015

    Although, sometimes the silence gets to be too much as well...

    His own words echoed back to him in his mind as he walked, though given the late hour, not much in the way of actual sounds made their way to Grodus. There was the distant sound of cars on the roads, all the other things that went with city night life, but that barely mattered to the technomage. He never heard any familiar voices amongst the noisy backdrop of the city...

    Yes, Mario was apparently here, but to seek out the enemy simply because he was lonely...? Ugh, no, he still had more pride than that, thank you.

    Getting back into the inn this late was as simple as swiping his card key and opening the door. Nothing but the empty lobby greeted the mage, though, and he quickly moved to the hallways, the quiet almost pushing him along. The hallway that led to his room was equally deserted and quiet, so Grodus didn't linger long out there either.

    Another swipe of the key got him past his room's door, but again, there was nothing there to greet him but still more of the oppressive silence. A faint sigh escaped him, and he got on with getting ready for bed. There was one other place he could go, but truthfully it was just as bad as being on the planet, the empty halls only reminding him of what was missing.

    Eventually the mage just flopped onto his bed as he did a few days prior, trying in vain to get to sleep. These moments just lying there alone with his thoughts were always the worst, as hope or despair usually managed to work their way into things.

    Strangely enough, hope decided to pay him a visit this time . . . he really hadn't actively looked for his minions in quite some time, maybe if he tried now he could get somewhere? Yes, when he next woke, that would be just the thing to do; go out searching for the other X-Nauts or anyone else from his world. Surely at least someone other than Mario had made it here by now!

    Having decided that, Grodus began to drift off, though the thought of what he would do if he was still unsuccessful followed him into his dreams . . .

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