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    Persistence of time and memory...



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    Persistence of time and memory...

    Post by Grodus on Sun May 17, 2015 1:56 am

    Time: 7:30 AM
    Date: 5/14/2015

    The walk back to the inn from the Sanctuary was an uneventful one, though somehow it still seemed to make Grodus feel even more tired than he already was. All the memories his talk with Kev stirred, everything he was reminded of . . . even as much as he tried to push them back, as he knew better than to dwell on things, those memories would not retreat into the dark recesses of his mind.

    There was no outward indication of this, at least not while Grodus passed through the front doors and the lobby. Anyone watching might attribute that slight slump in his posture to him just being tired, given he was out all night. He kept walking, through the lobby and into the hall leading to the first floor rooms.

    No, it was only after he closed the door of his room behind him that he let the true extent of his disquiet show. The technomage propped his staff against the nightstand as he always did, and then more or less flopped onto his bed, letting out a long sigh that was half muffled by the pillow.

    He looked up from the pillow for a moment, wondering aloud, "Crump. Why aren't you here with me?"

    On realizing just what he was saying, Grodus buried his face in the pillow again with a groan. Was he really that weak, missing even his most incompetent minion like that? Not to mention he knew just why the other X-Naut wasn't around; Mario HAD won, after all.

    And the mage was the one who sent Crump out to fight that last time.

    A low growl emerged from Grodus at that thought; he did what had to be done, that was all. It wouldn't have really mattered, Mario would've beaten them both regardless. Still his mind presented him with the niggling thought that maybe he was wrong, that between his spells and Crump's mech, victory would've been possible.

    It was too late for regrets, far too late . . . either his second in command showed up on this world or he didn't. That didn't do much for his current issues, unfortunately.

    The technomage continued to lay there, loneliness chewing away at his resolve. Thankfully, sleep claimed him before things grew too unbearable.

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