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    Seeking the Source

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    Re: Seeking the Source

    Post by Universal NPC on Sun Jun 14, 2015 1:51 am

    Swiftly the AI did work, but was he truly a ghost passing through the system?

    "What?" Said the factory head, as his screen abruptly tossed itself from the report he was working on back to the log in page. deep creases settled in his forehead as he frowned at the blinking tab that awaited him to put in his username, before he roughly typed in his information, irritation bubbling in his mind all the while. Much like the finances worker a few floors below, he found that he could not input his password or username either, or at least the computer would not recognize it as the right one. Much like the last one, he too went on to try and put in his password over and over, slower this time as to make sure he did not skip over any keys. However, he was not the type to second guess what his password and username was, and thus he went on to dial one of the techies from downstairs to fix the problem for him.

    Fortunately, for the AI and the unwitting head, the problem seemed to fix itself just as the tech worker got to his office. Which was unfortunate for the tech worker who had to forego his smoke break in order to go up to the top floor of the office just to go right back down to the ground floor again.

    "How the fu-" hissed the chemical engineer, who was busy looking over an email before his computer too abruptly shut him out but moments after the factory head suffered the same fate. Down the line, each of the AI's targets were subject to the frustrating sudden eviction from their desktops, but none of them were close enough to be able to communicate the odd behavior, save for the technicians that were running about only to be called off right before they go to their destination or in the middle of making their way there.

    Ah, but what was confusion in the face of discovery? For the AI's work, the mainframe was open to him with its secrets and near endless files-worth of information to be had. All he had to do was input the right username and password.


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    Re: Seeking the Source

    Post by K.A.R.R. on Sun Jun 14, 2015 11:47 pm

    All worth it, from sneaking his way in to infiltrating the office computers and getting the passcodes he needed to access the mainframe. KARR wasted no time in connecting himself to one of the ports in this mainframe, inputting the username and password of the computer engineer who was responsible for its upkeep. The moment he was allowed access, the AI found himself much like... a child in a candy store, as the human saying went.

    This place held acres-worth of chemical vats, each responsible for brewing a single chemical, mixing two other chemicals, or making the components for the previous two functions. From corrosive acids to polymers and everything in between, this place had to be one of the main chemical suppliers for the whole continent. Either that, or they bought out any competition. In fact, it was intriguing as to how they were able to manufacture so many of these chemicals, yet most of the deliveries were for exports... In fact, as the AI went on to read the import manifest within the databank, he could not help but find something peculiar about it.

    Water, vegetables, beef products, coffee... They were all food for the workers, which would not be so odd considering there was a considerable lack of materials for making said chemicals. No bases, no fuel, nothing. It was as if the plant materialized everything they required. The only import they ever seemed to gain for the plant itself was metal and parts for the vats and mixing machinery. As peculiar as this was, the AI lacked the scruples to look into it further. He had found everything he needed, and now was time to depart this place before anyone grew wise to his presence.

    Starting up his engine, KARR backed out of his parking space and turned to leave, the moment he was clear of the gate he set himself to pursuit mode and went on to his next destination.

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