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    Desert Flight



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    Desert Flight

    Post by Shaiamils on Tue Apr 28, 2015 8:18 pm

    DATE: JANUARY 25TH, 2015
    TIME: APPROX. 4:00 PM

    It had been just a little over a week since Shaiamils had contributed to the confrontation of a group of bandits. In the end, their leader was defeated, the remaining two leaving the scene. They had betrayed the one that was once their friend, but for good reason. He, in short, was no longer the person that he used to be. He became mad, power-hungry. The avian could only hope that this meant that the remaining two would drop their thieving, conniving ways.

    Shaiamils, like the others, did not escape the confrontation unscathed. He had suffered two bullet wounds. One wasn't very serious, just barely scraping his upper arm. The other, however, proved to be incredibly bothersome. The exit hole was awfully close to the base of his wings, making flight particularly painful, a chore. Only today did the pain finally lowered to tolerable levels. He had just finished his hospital shift for the day, and he figured that now might be a good time to take a nice, scenic flight.

    So here he was, stretching his wings in the sky above the desert. The doctor chose the desert for a reason, of course. It was much warmer here than it was anywhere else this time of year. The heat felt so nice! For a moment, he decided to take a breather, perching on a nearby butte. He flapped his wings from time to time, feathers ruffling as he took in the sun's welcoming rays. It was such a nice view from here. The feathered alien swore that he could see for miles!

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