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    One Man's Trash Is Another Mech's Treasure

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    One Man's Trash Is Another Mech's Treasure

    Post by Knock Out on Sun Apr 26, 2015 11:56 pm

    Time: 3:27 PM
    Date: November 15, 0005

    Nothing really soils your mood quite like being kidnapped by forces beyond your control and ending up dead. It had been quite a few months since the incident, and yet Knock Out still found himself rather fed up with the situation. Kidnapped in the middle of the night, taken to a new dimension or something, fighting for a Queen who was dying, losing people every step of the way, trying fix things from the past…and in the end, Knock Out had died because he gave a Judge drugs. Drugs that they needed to be under the influence of in order to kill the Bandersnatch! Not only that, they had been told that if they died, they would never return!

    Well guess what! Knock Out had died! And he had returned after all! Woke up in the parking lot of the Tavern, and in a royally angry mood. All of that, for nothing, basically. The next person to kidnap him was going to be sliced into pieces, Godlike being or not. Of course, there was that nice little thought as well; that whatever beings decided to make them their little toys, were just resting up there somewhere, having a nice laugh over the whole experience! Bah.

    Knock Out revved his engines and focused ahead, cutting off a little old woman and getting several angry honks as response. Ever since that wild ride with KARR, Knock Out had avoided the highways. Not because he was afraid of a rematch, in fact he was ready to race that thing anytime, anywhere! However, there was still that odd zombie Greaser and his piece of junk to contend with. Sure, they’d let him go…but only that one time. What if they crossed paths on the highways again? What if the Greaser got daring enough to leave that little path he’d been stuck on? As much as he hated to admit it, the punk actually did creep him out. More than anything, that car of his did…
    So, with the urge to avoid the punk and his monster car, Knock Out had focused the majority of his driving time exploring some of the roads that lead around the outer parts of the city. The mech had found the amusement park, though he didn’t find it particularly interesting. The place reeked of expensive food and treats, and the rides looked rather dull. There was also the Outer District, but Knock Out avoided that like the plague. So mostly he just drove around the outskirts, not really sure what he was looking for. Something new to look at maybe? So far, there wasn’t much to see. The Cybertronian looked around the area dully when suddenly, something in the distance caught his optic. A giant, flat board…at first glance it may have looked to be a billboard, or perhaps just an odd, large sign for a building. But it looked far too similar to something else for him to miss out on! The car cut across several lanes to get off the nearest exit, taking the winding road off of the highway.

    The closer he got and the clearer he could see the giant screen, however... ”Ugh…” It looked to be exactly what he thought it was, but it looked positively horrible. The screen had plant life crawling up its sides, as well as discoloration from the weather. The building, likely a concession stand, looked discolored as well. If there were any bathrooms in there, he was absolutely sure that it had to be filthy in there! The pavement was just crawling with weeds that burst their way out of the cement, and the cement itself left much to be desired. Eventually he found a sign that gestured for him to pull into a small dirt road. The sign had seen better days, the bulbs that were supposed to light up were broken and the letters that usually informed the customers of what movies were playing was shoddy as well. Letters were broken or missing, leaving the sign to read ‘O t  f bu  ne   ’.
    How disappointing…he was hoping to find a proper Drive-In theater and instead found a dump! Knock Out pulled into the little dirt road and quickly shifted to reverse, intending to turn around and leave. He couldn’t help but look at the plot of land. Cracked, overgrown, disgusting…and a random trailer in the farthest corner? Was this place actually owned by someone? Or was it just someone with a trailer with nowhere else to go? With a place like the Inn available in the city, you’d think they’d live there instead of…here. Knock Out’s engine revved, and he shifted his gear to drive. The gas pedal dipped downwards and he drove onto the dirt road, coasting down it to pass by the concession building. The sign labeling it the ‘concession stand’ was burnt out and the plastic was broken, and there even looked to be graffiti sprayed across the side. Large, curvy letters that denoted someone’s initials, and one or two spray painted messages that asked the reader to do crude things. One of the windows on the side was broken, and from what he could see, the outside matched the insides. The patch of land where the cars were meant to park was overgrown with wild grass and weeds, looking more like a wild grassland then a parking area. ”Pitiful…”

    Though Knock Out had not been racing his way through the rows, the sound of activity, however slight, was still noticeable enough to draw the attention of the man inside the trailer. The television turned off abruptly and the door opened with a forceful shove, a wrinkly old man poking his head out. His chin was covered in a grey, scruffy beard, his head was shiny with baldness, and a pair of glasses sat atop his nose. Instantly, the man’s eyes settled on the expensive car parked near the concession stand. The man’s cheeks puffed for a moment before he stepped out onto the steps leading into his trailer. ”You damn delinquents! What do you want, eh?!”

    Knock Out’s car mode did a circular turn to face the trailer in the corner, a little surprised. So there was someone in there after all. An angry old man. So he wanted to know what Knock Out wanted, huh? The gas pedal slammed down, hard, and Knock Out raced to the trailer, slamming on his brakes to kick up a spray of dirt. His windows were tinted enough to keep up the illusion that there was a person inside, and Knock Out revved his engines. ”What do I want? I don’t know, maybe a bit of quality! Honestly, how could you let this happen to your theater? Or are you just some drifter who decided to park his piece of junk in this depressing place?”

    Knock Out’s words did nothing to sooth the man’s temper. ”Quality?! Who do you think you are, sonny? Coming here to my home like this? Interrupting me from my soaps and demanding answers?!”

    ”You’re the one demanding answers! I found your sign next to the highway and got curious and came in, you’re the one who started yelling at me. I was hoping to find a drive-in theater like they had in my dimension, and instead I found your disgraceful place! You should be ashamed of yourself, letting this happen to your establishment! It deserves better than this!”

    The man scowled deeply, a fire in his eyes. ”Oh, excuse me! I didn’t realize I was in the presence of an expert at theater management!” The man gave a mocking bow before he crossed his arms over his chest. ”If you really care, where were you and your fancy European car when this place started going out of business? Huh?! Where were you when people swindled their way out of paying to watch movies here?!” The man was on a tirade now, throwing his arms up into the air. ”Always hiding in the back seats! Under blankets! ‘Tickets for two people who arrived in a suburban’, how stupid do they think I am?! And don’t get me started on the outside food! If you really love theaters, sonny, then you must know that the majority of ticket sales goes to the movie corporations! Theaters only get a small percentage from ticket sales, otherwise we get our money from the concession stand! You think anybody cared back then?”

    The rant caught Knock Out off guard, though not for long. ”I saw plenty of people sneak in food and people to my theater back home, yet they still managed to stay in business! Don’t blame your customers for your shoddy work.” There, that ought to humble him!

    The man’s arms stayed cross, pursing his lips as he looked the car over before he finally spoke. ”Didja go to one in a small town?” The man, though asking a question, said it with a tone of finality. As if he knew the answer.

    ”…Well uh…yes! As a matter of fact, yes! And it was a Pit of a lot better than-“

    ”Then there ya go. Your theater stayed in business because it was in a small town. Didn’t have a lot of competition, no high tech gadgets to lure away the customers…” The man sighed warily and leaned against a railing. ”3-D, IMAX…every movie seems to come out in 3-D nowadays and all the kids go to see it…they don’t wanna come to some dump and sit in a car…the people that did come, ended up stealing more money than they gave. No matter how many times I asked them not to bring in food or hide people under blankets, they still did it. Nobody cares about old stuff like this…”

    …Wow. That got depressing quickly. Knock Out wanted to speak back against the man again, to prove him wrong. Honestly though…a lot of the drive-ins he went to were in small towns, such as the one in Jasper, Nevada. The mech had never really put much thought into it, it wasn’t like he could enter the other theaters anyway after all. So long as they had one open, he went in. Knock Out scoffed loudly, and gave his engines a rev. ”Well, I do care.”

    The man scoffed in return. ”You? Some hotshot in a fancy car? Why do you care about an old drive-in? You one of those uh…hipsters or something?” He picked his ear with his pinky and flicked some ear wax into the overgrown grass. He quickly yelped and jumped back when the car seemed to explode! Or…began moving and shifting around. Metal scraped against metal and plating moved as the car seemed to reform itself to create a giant robot, who was kneeling down and smirking down at the human.

    ”I’m a Cybertronian. I’m a robotic alien lifeform, and I could not fit into other theaters, so I attended drive-ins. You may have had a hard time back in your world, but this is a new world. There are no other movie theaters, at least, none that I have seen! If you fix this place up…”

    The man was staring at Knock Out with a slack-jawed expression, but as soon as Knock Out began to speak of fixing the place up, he tightened his jaw and shook his head. ”I’m old, robot. I don’t have the strength to fix this place up. Just look at it! There’s so much to do…and besides. I don’t want to be in this business anymore. I just wanna relax and retire.” He was an old man with a fragile back. There was no way he could fix up the colossal mess this place had become. ”You might as well just transform back into a car and drive out of here. Maybe get a pal of your’s to help me drive my trailer out of here. This place will just have to decay here.”

    Knock Out leaned down to glare right in the man’s face. ”You’re just being lazy, fleshy.”

    ”Lazy?!” Like a spitfire, the man was glaring back up at the large metal robot defiantly. ”Even if I repaired everything, I can’t run this place by myself! There’s nothing here for me anymore, and there’s nothing here for you either. So why don’t you just get out?”

    ”…Hmm…” Knock Out’s mouth stretched into a wide grin, reaching out to give the man a jab in the chest. ”Actually, I think there’s something here for me after all!” The medic had been looking for a job, after all…and this smelled like an opportunity in the making.

    The man jostled from the poke, grabbing onto the hand railing frantically before glaring back up at Knock Out. You? You might be a robot, but you seem like one of those uh…’sissy’ types. I doubt you’ve got the balls to see this through to the end.” Now that he could actually see the fiery robot instead of just hearing his voice, there was something very telling in the way he moved his hands, gesticulating like a rabid Italian. ”You’ll give up after the first week!”

    ”Reeeeeally?” Knock Out rested an arm on his knee and smirked down at the human, a purr in his voice. ”How about we make a deal?”

    ”A deal?”

    ”Mhm.” Knock Out fished around for a moment, before bring out a ring and slipping it over a digit. The man scoffed, taking the ring as evidence, before the robot suddenly began to shrink down until he matched the man’s height. The old man backed up against his trailer door, grimacing as the robot took a step forward and held out a hand. ”If I see this through to the end, you give me ownership of this entire place. You get to drive away in that hunk of junk and retire in the city, I have a Drive-In where I can show whatever I want! And even get some profit…”

    The man glared down at his hand. ”What, give this place to you for free? Sounds like you get everything from this deal, sonny.”

    Knock Out’s inviting servo clenched for a moment, optics narrowing. ”I am several thousand years your senior, human. And it isn’t like you’re doing anything with this place! I’ll be using my own money to fix it up, why should I pay for it as well?”

    The old man smirked. ”I have some money saved up…not enough to fix this place on my own, but enough to help. I pay half the repairs, you do the repairing, you pay me so I can get a headstart on my retirement…and whatever profit you get from this place is all your’s. Take it or leave it, robot.”
    Knock Out considered the deal, servo clenching and unclenching as he did. Knock Out would be doing all of the work for this, but he would also receive all of the profit without any problem or issue from the previous owner. The old man also promised to help pay for the repairs, which would definitely be a boon to his metaphorical wallet. …Even though the price for buying this place might be even more then the repairs. The mech’s arm retreated, squinting at the human. ”How much would I have to pay?”

    The man smiled back. ”Let’s keep that a surprise, huh?” Really, he’d base the price on how well the robot did. If he did a shoddy job, he’d ask for an extreme amount. If he put forth the proper effort… The man shifted closer and beckoned to Knock Out. ”So, robot? We have a deal?”

    Knock Out pursed his metal lips, weighing his options. With a final, resolute decision on what he could lose or gain, he reached out and grasped the human’s meaty hand in his own metal one, gripping hard. Though not hard enough to break the fragile bones, it was enough to challenge the ‘sissy’ comment. ”Deal.” They shook, and Knock Out released the fleshy limb with a smirk. ”If I’m going to be working on this property, you should call me Knock Out. Not robot, not sissy.”

    The old man smirked. Weird name for a robot… ”Then don’t call me a fleshy, jackass. Call me Jerry Hook.”

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