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    Accepting Peace



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    Accepting Peace

    Post by Nym on Tue Apr 14, 2015 4:09 pm

    April 11th, Year 5


    The moon shone brightly across the skyline, making the clouds shimmer and gleam. They looked so solid and inviting to sleep on, but Nym knew better as he whipped past a large form of clouds and broke through with ease. His wings ached to fly more and more as the seasons changed and summer started to come around, and though there were issues at times as the Digimon wasn't exactly a champion of flight, Nym gained a lot of experience the more he flew and stayed off the ground. At first, it was difficult to fly for more than an hour; his wings would ache and he felt heavier and heavier with each attempt at staying airborne. Nym's legs helped make up for this.

    But over a few months, and upon winter's retreat, Nym flew more and more, and felt liberated almost from the ground as he soared through the sky and passed through clouds. He could stay in flight for hours, and he was relatively fast, which made swooping down and catching unsuspecting prey by surprise much simpler.

    The air felt so clean and free as Nym started to descend into a slow glide down below the cloud-line to view the ocean below him, and it was such a beautiful sight to see as the moon glowed on the water. It was a time like this that Nym appreciated life and his ability of flight. It was far different than that of the darkness he had felt for some time, even after he had been reborn. A low growl emitted from his throat as he attempted to imitate a purr of sorts... and then he felt something odd. A strange feeling, deep down inside. It was something he hadn't felt in so long, and he honestly forgot about it. He had forgotten what the feeling was, and as it rose through his body, the digital dragon ascended one more to fly above the clouds.

    Such a... nice feeling. It felt like everything in his mind had left him, like every pain in his body was gone, and all the world around him was nothing but clouds, where he could soar for hours and hours without a care.

    He was feeling Peace. Serenity. Acceptance. Nothing.

    Another feeling that was obscure to him had been regained, but Nym didn't take the chance to realize it until much later. For now, he wanted to keep feeling this... this feeling of nothing. A good nothing. The kind of nothing most people would wish for in their life; the kind that one could look around them and accept everything as it is, was and will ever be.

    Just peace.

    Nym has regained the emotion of Peace.
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