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    The Last Straw

    Eridan Ampora


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    The Last Straw

    Post by Eridan Ampora on Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:20 pm

    Time: 5:45 PM
    Date: 28th February 2015
    BGM: The Unforgiven
    Note: Continued from Paranoia

    He knocked. And again. And again.

    Nothing seemed to be happening. He didn't know... this was far too worrying for Eridan to handle. His matesprit wouldn't just ditch him, right? Right...? He had to find out. The prince hesitated, all the same... opening this door could mean confirming his worst fears, that he was once again the only troll on the Breach. Though he liked to believe Aradia wouldn't abandon him, he had also believed that, at most, a couple of trolls from the old days would've gone. However, as one would almost expect, they all fucked off at once.

    Sighing, Eridan reached down and opened the door, swinging it open in one go. He walked into Aradia's room... and fell to his knees. Everything had been as he feared... the number of things once present in the room had incredibly diminished. Nothing in the room had been used in weeks, and it was plainly obvious, especially since you could actually see the dust everywhere. If you looked all around, rare few items - albeit a few of them were ones Aradia quite liked - remained. Aradia was gone, and had been for a while.

    You could almost hear his heart break.

    Choking through sobs, the fishtroll, buried his face in his hands, desperately pitying himself and feeling sad. However, the moment he sunk into misery, it struck a nerve. "..." Eridan said nothing, his purple tears still cascading down his cheeks one by one as he looked up, standing up rather slowly. He'd felt this before. He'd felt misery when Feferi had left him and rejected him, when Nepeta had rejected him, when he'd had no-one at all, when Terezi had died in front of him, when she hadn't come back, when everyone else had vanished without even so much as a bye, and now... he could say he was done being sad at the moment, at least.

    "you think you can all fuckin LECTURE ME ON SHIT THEN VVANISH AN LEAVVE ME EVVEN IF YOURE FILLIN SOMETHIN AS IMPORTANT AS A FUCKIN QUADRANT" He yelled, absolutely livid. The troll grabbed Aradia's crosbytop, one of her whips and the star-shaped thing... a Wayfinder, he believed, or something? Aqua had gifted it to her before she'd vanished without a word, too. Captchalogging them, he kicked Aradia's door closed and moved down the stairs, almost seeing red thinking of all the shit that had happened. "i fuckin withheld my fuckin NATURAL genocidal urges for THIS OUTCOME" He growled, a rhetorical question as he kicked his own door open violently. He made sure to pick up anything that was of any interest to him, and then went downstairs. The living room of the Hive was where she kept those things she'd gotten from him - Eridan entered, only grabbing Blood-Scythe and Ragna's old red coat, captchalogging them, too. However, his deck couldn't really carry much more... but he only had one more thing he wanted. Heading over to the kitchen, the troll captchalogged the fridge without a moment's hesitation.

    A brash decision was what he had made, but one that meant a lot to him. Though the hive had given him a lot of happy memories, they were all tainted by the number of bad memories left behind by the other trolls, like a bad taste in his mouth. Especially now, all alone and at the height of his anger, Eridan had nothing he could lean on - he was Eridan, and when he got to times like these he was almost seeing red with how angry he was. "hey karkat you knoww you put so much fuckin effort in just to abandon it" He muttered as he walked outside. "howw wwould you fuckin like it if i tore it all dowwn" Too many bad memories associated with this place. Too much shit. Even if Aradia was planning on returning, she didn't tell him jack shit, so he was going to assume the worst. "ALRIGHT YOU SCUMMY PIECES A SHIT THAT LIVVED HERE" He spun around on the sand, facing the hive as his Strife Deck released Ahab's Crosshairs into his hands. Taking aim, he started shouting. "HEY KAR YOU MADE ME IMPROVVE JUST TO FUCKIN UP AND LEAVVE" He fired one shot, the very top of the building being struck and exploding. "TER MAYBE IF YOUD FUCKIN COME BACK THEN ITD HAVVE MADE A DIFFERENCE THAT I WWENT TO EFFORT TO SAVVE YOU FROM KAR" Another shot sounded, blowing away a slightly lower part of the hive and causing a small portion of it to cave in. The majority of it stood strong, however. Alternians were good at building strong structures. "HEY TERRA LOOKS LIKE YOUR FUCKIN FAMILY DIDNT WWORK OUT HUH AND THOMAS TOO" He fired once more, his laser smashing the upper part completely, but didn't stop talking. "YEAH SUCH A GOOD IDEA TO START A FUCKIN FAMILY WWITH A MURDEROUS ALIEN RACE AN THEN VVANISH AN DIE RESPECTIVVELY YOU WWANKERS" Tears again streaming down his face as he shouted and screamed in anger now, he continued. Only two more shots left that he wanted to make, and the entire place would come down. "ARA I CANT BELIEVVE YOU PULLED THIS SHIT AN THOUGHT YOU WWERE IN THE RIGHT TO LECTURE ME ABOUT ALL THE SHIT YOU DID AN THEN TELL ME I SHOULD GET OUT MORE WWHEN YOU WWERE GONNA LET IT END LIKE THIS" He fired once more, his blast hitting the hive at the top, or at least where the top was after all the previous blasting he'd been doing. "IM FUCKIN NOT GOIN BACK INSIDE NOWW HOWW DO YOU LIKE THAT" And finally, he took aim at the base of the structure. "an this is for the rest of you dumb fucks that did fuck all or wwere just assholes an left" His finger squeezed on the trigger. "if you get back enjoy bein homeless maybe itll make you fuckin DO somethin you useless pieces a shit" One final blast smashed into the base of the structure. He'd made sure all the security was off months ago so that it wasn't a pain getting in and out because he wasn't paranoid like Karkat had been, and they'd been fine.

    For now, however, he was done. Breathing heavily and his cheeks still stained purple, he watched the hive desperately attempt to support itself despite the hole he'd just blown in it. It wasn't able to, and the hive slowly collapsed in on itself, completely and utterly destroyed; the most of what you'd find was rubble there, now.

    "fuck all a you" He muttered under his breath, turning tail, replacing his weapon in his deck and walking off. He'd had more than enough. He wasn't returning here, and even if trolls came and rebuilt it, it would be a long, long battle convincing him to come back.

    He was done with the hive.

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