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    Break Down

    Alasdair & Sutekh


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    Break Down

    Post by Alasdair & Sutekh on Sat Feb 21, 2015 12:29 am

    February 20th, Year 5


    I bet if anyone can help me remember things about home, it would be Lunette... Alasdair walked along the sidewalk, pushing away the snow with his feet and seemed to focus mostly at the ground. It was a wonder how he hadn't walked into anyone or anything, but he managed to dodge obstacles with ease. Alasdair wondered why it was so difficult to remember things; everytime he tried to remember something specific, he'd have to go almost into a blank state and dig deep into his subconscious where nothing seemed to turn up. He could recall images and sounds only vaguely; the images were blurred and the sounds were distorted, and considering he lacked the ability to smell or taste, which were two of the strongest memory sparking senses, he felt this would be near impossible. It didn't help that the library seemed to completely lack all of the books from their homeworld, too! Not a single one! He even asked the librarian and the other workers to let him know if anything came up, but it was over a month ago, and still, nothing.

    But Lunette... though Sutekh wouldn't admit it, she was their closest friend, and if anyone could help him remember, it would definitely be her! There were so many things that needed to be asked and written down for reference, he couldn't handle losing more information. It felt like his mind was... lost to him. Like it was slowly becoming dead--and it scared him. His body was petrified, perfectly sealed to staying this way for as long as it could, but could his brain stay that way? Would that even be possible? He could barely even remember where he was at times! He had to look out the window and remember, oh right, I'm in Portal Breach, and try to get on with the day. He could not sleep, and instead, turned to meditating for hours upon hours, his mind blank and thinking of nothing in order to help preserve it out of this fear.

    How long did it have? How long did he have until he just couldn't remember anything or anyone anymore? That was one of his biggest fears, other than somehow losing his spell-tag. That he didn't worry about too much... he had issues with it, considering some folks spoke using telepathy, like the... Lucario he had recently met and Kev. But...

    What if he came out of a meditative state and didn't know where or who he was? Who anyone was? He'd have to relearn things, he'd have to have Sutekh help him, and people to explain everything all over again...

    Stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, Alasdair placed his hands over his head and scrunched his face. He would cry if he could, but no tears fell, and he made no noise. All he did was think and allowed doubt to overwhelm him. Just the idea of it all... losing everything else. He couldn't remember who he was before he became this undead thing, and if he lost who he was again...

    The Jiangshi tried his best to walk, but went into an alleyway instead, falling to his knees with his hands over his head and attempted to curl into a ball. This wasn't what he wanted, but he was breaking down, and there wasn't much he could do about it. He wished Sutekh was there with him to help, but once he told him he was going back to the tavern, the dog-man went elsewhere.

    Al was left there, curled up and trying to hide himself from everyone else as he attempted to cry out and ask for help--but no words escaped his lips. Nothing but a soft whine. He was so tempted to remove his tag just to send out a psychic plea to anyone who could hear it, but he knew better... that would be the worst thing he could do... there wasn't much he could do right now. He just laid there in the snow, and he had to wait this out.

    It was all he could do.
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    Re: Break Down

    Post by Universal NPC on Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:57 pm

    "Brrrrrrr! It sure is cold out, Monique. Are you sure you want to go out this late when it's so cold out?"

    "Well, duh, we need to get drinks so we can get warm! I know this adorable little bar not too far from here..."

    The two women were dressed in nice, puffy coats as they walked down the street, kicking the snow away with their fancy snow boots and talking back and forth. They were well-off considering their fancy clothing and how they presented themselves; quite the beautiful duo, they were! Their intentions tonight were to go and get warm via drink at a bar rather than to sit at home and wait out the cold. You only lived once, right? Had to get out there and mingle! "I don't want to go out, can't we just go buy some strong wine or something and go back home? I hear there's an all-night horror movie channel! We can watch some spoooooky stuff!" "You're always in the apartment unless you're working, Laura! It's nice to go out every once in a while, you big baby!"

    The two girls continued their conversation, walking past an alleyway until they stopped after hearing some small noise. "Hey... Did you hear that?" "Y-yeah... what was that...?" "It sounded like... some kind of groaning..." "Are you just messing with me? I really don't--" the woman was interrupted when the noise happened again, but in a softer and lighter tone. The two women hesitantly poked their heads around the alleyway corner and saw nothing out of the ordinary... "That's... odd, I know we heard something..." Monique bravely stepped forward, her hand in her pocket with a can of mace ready just in case. Crunch... crunch... crack!

    "AIIIIEEE!" The woman fell back, startled by the cracking noise as she apparently stepped on something firm, but it didn't move. It seemed like there was... someone underneath the snow! "Oh no, there's someone there! Oh man! Is it--is it dead!?" Laura went to assist her friend who was startled out of her mind at the encounter, but the both of them didn't see any signs of movements. Was... this a dead person?? "I shouldn't have joked about the horror movies; the universe is after me!" "S-shut up! Help me up, we should... see who or what it is..." Laura helped her friend up who walked quietly and hesitantly over towards the body, tapping it with her foot. It was stiff, like a piece of wood. With fear in her eyes, she turned the body over to see a small person who indeed looked... very dead. Alasdair's eyes were closed, and he made no noise or movement.

    "Oh no... We should call the police!" Before they could grab a phone, a small noise emitted from Alasdair, and though he didn't open his eyes, he just kept talking very lowly and in a near inaudible voice. Monique knelt down, still terrified, to try and hear what the young man (???) had to say. But his voice was so quiet, the woman thought he was dying. "We should take him to the hospital! Come on, hail down a cab, Laura!" "R-right!" Laura took out her phone and called for a cab to come get them, while Monique, though extremely hesitant and not exactly wanting to get herself filthy, picked up Alasdair with all of her might. To her surprise, he wasn't actually that heavy, but it was still rather unpleasant.

    A cab arrived not even 10 minutes later and the two women went to the hospital, hoping that something could be done to help this poor little guy.


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