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    Breaking in that New Place Smell

    Alasdair & Sutekh


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    Breaking in that New Place Smell

    Post by Alasdair & Sutekh on Fri Feb 20, 2015 11:21 pm

    JANUARY 21st YEAR 5


    Aw yiss, a place of their own!

    To... be honest, though, they never even had a home before. They were always wandering around, traveling and never needing a single place to stay. They would often spend a night at Lunette's if it was needed, or at a local inn if possible, but for the most part, they were just wandering vagabonds with no home. There was that... no, no, Sutekh would rather not think about that. It wasn't a home, it was a prison, and he'd personally like to forget about it. Either way, this was their new, permanent home, and there was no need for them to really pay rent, apparently, and to that, Sutekh approved!

    Lunette didn't let them leave without a few house warming gifts, of course; a small set of dishes, a lamp, their books they had gotten around the city, Alasdair's various journals, and of course some food for Sutekh to eat. It wasn't much, but would do, and it'd be nice to just have a place of their own to do as they pleased. Up the flight of stairs and down the hall, the door was unlocked and Sutekh breathed in the air as best he could. "Ahh... not a scent of perfume or booze in the air. It's great." Alasdair rolled his eyes as he held a few boxes of his own and once inside, they just placed the boxes down and sat in the middle of the floor, taking it all in.

    "... I don't think I've ever had a home before. Like, my own home." Alasdair tried his best to recall and, as usual, his mind went blank the further he tried to remember. "Can we get a lot of books and stuff?" "We have our own rooms, we can do what we want!" Sutekh laid on the carpet and started to roll around on his back, much like a dog would in the grass. "Hmm... we should go out later today or tomorrow and get some stuff for our rooms... and maybe some more stuff out here...?" he looked and saw it was rather bare, but that was okay, as it meant they had more opportunities to do as the wanted. "Sure, sure. Whatever you want, pal."

    "We should throw a housewarming party sometime, too." Sutekh's smile disappeared quickly with that statement and he looked over at his friend with a slight glare, "no way, why would we do that? We don't even have the place lookin' good! It looks... dull! We should at least wait til our own personal touches are around..." he laid his head back down on the nice carpet before Alasdair finally nodded slowly in agreement. It'd be nice to set things up before having people over--but he felt like, once everything was done, it'd look like some crazy people lived here... The fact that there'd be occult books and magic research and all kinds of odd--

    ... Wait, what was he thinking? No one cared about that stuff here! That stuff was pretty... normal. Alasdair shrugged and gave a small smile, realizing he had been a bit silly in thinking that people would care what they had along their walls. This was what he researched! He wanted to know about everything.

    Alasdair finally laid on the ground next to his friend, staring up at the ceiling and feeling... a little more at peace. It was nice and quiet, and the lack of people talking loudly or music constantly playing would be perfect for meditating on his thoughts. Sutekh felt somewhat the same way, but more so just to be happy to be in his own place without the constant nagging to clean and having the scent of perfume or booze constantly up his nose.

    Just a nice little place for them to do whatever they wanted, but for now, they seemed pretty fine with just laying on the floor for a few hours and taking it all in.

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