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    Post by Prixlezub on Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:03 pm

    Time: 4:00 AM
    Date: January 8, 0004

    It was always the darkest just before the dawn, it was said. At this moment, it could be argued to be true, as even with the multitude of stars wheeling about overhead, their light shining down through what cracks in the cloud cover they could find, the foot of the mountains still remained pitch black. A dark void of a silhouette, where one would require their own light to navigate the rough terrain. However, where some saw an impediment, blindness where they would much prefer sight, one found the darkened surroundings to be to their preference instead. Trees swayed as if touched by a passing breeze, but creatures that dwelled below in the branches and on the ground were roused as if faced with a threat.

    In a manner, it could be true, if not for the creature's preoccupation with matters other than the endless cycle of predator and prey. For what passed beneath the trees was none other than a bear, sickly looking and mange covered. At such a time during the winter, surely the beast should have been hibernating. That is, if it were a far healthier, younger specimen. Forced on by its disease induced insomina, the bear continued to lumber up the side of the mountain, every so often sores were illuminated by what light passed through the clouds, numerous in the patches of bare skin, blackened by the merciless chill.

    Nocturnal creatures scattered and chattered in its wake, a trail of thick, greenish drool splattering onto the ground in a sickening marker to the way it had came and where it was going, to any who had decided to follow the diseased bear. Up the mountainside it went, grunting and wheezing every step of the way until it found itself face to face with a cave entrance. There, it had apparently decided, would be a fine place to retire as it shambled inside. There it continued to proceed through the abysmally dark tunnels, seemingly guided by scent than sight as it lurked deeper and deeper into the cave network. Such a possibility of course, proved itself to be false once the cold, damp dark had completely swallowed the dying creature.

    To any who had been so foolish to follow it, they would be horrified to find that the sickly creature suddenly spasmed, its back seeming to snap in half as it suddenly arched upward, the protest of bone, if the being indeed had any, somehow muffled to complete silence.Though the fact that it could still walk despite the gross deformation likely would be considered far more horrifying. Following swiftly after, the bear's lanky, emaciated form seemed to decompose mid-stride, tendrils of black wisps reaching out in thick masses where fur, flesh and bone once were.

    And they kept reaching, ever upward they yearned as the tendrils deformed and bloated, a new shape taking foot where the bear had once stepped. All the while, never breaking its stride as the transformation occurred. From thick tendrils darker than the night sky itself and its mysteries sprouted flame and metal, large curved horns like a crown nearly grazing the top of the cave system, the dark soon parted with a crackle of brilliant fire and red hide bright enough to rival it. Soft pattering of feet against stone was exchanged for thunder and bubbling magma, the earth boiling beneath its heated steps and each footfall a herald of their intimidating owner.

    None other than Prixlezub emerged from the wisps of shadowy energy, his bladed tail swaying in time with his steps as he walked through the underground tunnels. For a long while he walked, darkness swallowing up the void made by his burning mane as he passed through. It was only when he came to a large geode at the very end of the trail, miles underground, did he pause. The prince's six burning eyes looked about the chamber, before deciding it sufficient.

    But for what?

    A container that was fastened about his neck, remaining still without the need for string, chains or any other fasteners. Its gleaming black surface of polished obsidian laying dormant while the demon went about his work. Searing red claws gouged into the stone floor, molten etchings soon overtaking the chamber in a language unknown by any man, beast, or machine of this plane. Tirelessly he worked, the ancient scribe growing ever more detailed and interlinking. Only when the scribe work had covered the entirety of the geode floor did the prince cease his ministrations, satisfied with his work. While the prince sat at the edge of his handiwork, the stone that sat at the pit of his neck removed itself and swiftly floated over to the center of the diagram, setting itself in the center of the single ring that remained blank.

    The last piece in place, Prixlezub sat still, his head bowed as he began to concentrate. Then, the demon's vibrant red hide began to fade, not in color, but growing transparent until the demon was no more, or so it seemed. What was once invisible turned visible again, if only so slightly. Instead of a brilliant mane of fire and thick red hide, there was once more a mass of dark wisps that wrapped themselves tightly about the prince's silhouette like a cloak. His paws lifted, the shadowy behemoth placing them both upon two separate runic circles within the diagram, each one large enough in diameter to encircle his massive paws. With nary a single twitch from the demon, the wisps that had encapsulated his form swiftly were transferred into the runes as if ushered along by a harsh gale. Immediately after, the diagram took on a deep red glow, which only grew brighter within the underground chamber.


    Stone fractured with great protest, clean lines cut into the geode floor. The stone that sat at the center beginning to spin, it too roused among the runes, ascending to the center of the stale cavern air. Patterns of cut stone emerged from the floor to join it, revolving around the obsidian stone ever faster until their grey surface became near molten, save for the runes that glowed white hot upon their faces. With another sickening snap like thunder cracking across the sky, they suddenly merged with each other, forming plates, complex sections and panels that socketed themselves into place around the polished obsidian stone at the center. The result? At first it looked to be nothing more than a massive egg, hissing as it sat at the center of the chamber, the red, molten glow that the panels carried upon it slowly fading down to a deep black as it cooled. At least, until it began to stir once more.

    With a crackle of stone the facets of the egg split from each other, limbs unfurling from the blackened mass. Wings, talons, a beaked head... Soon there was a massive, stone carved bird standing before the prince, its innards aglow with planar energies.

    Its magnificence was regarded with an eye that had seen many like it, and held not a sliver of wonder for the methods of its birth. For this being, like many of its kin the demon prince controlled, were cheap. He stepped forward, his fiery eyes staring into the glowing, coal-like pits that mimicked a familiar gaze.

    "Hrg'ktnn taa Aer'gkxt." He rumbled, the very cavern shuddering with the thunder of his voice. "Nr'ghaak d'rin k'tna saak'nxx da shn'tkrr t'nn ktg'x kal'nghaa. Sh'krr t'nn frehhro'ghn, kirrdren taa kir'ngrr grnkaa."

    The demon's rough, alien tongue rattled the chamber, forcing the very earth to its knees where the construct refused to kneel. Only one other word was uttered, a command of dismissal, and the construct took wing. in a streak of fiery orange it left the cavern and escaped to the surface and beyond, leaving the prince alone within the chamber.

    Even with how little evidence was left of his passing, the tingle of energy still was thick in the air. Should anything be drawn to it and manage to glean anything from the residue. A certain lord of terror or manner of undead creature for instance... No, the consequences would be too steep. Thus, the demon left the chamber, but not before turning about and unleashing a torrent of brilliant white flame upon a single exhale. Not one that merely melted and boiled the entrance way, but a torrent that lashed and struck like a frenzied serpent. Around the walls of the geode did the flame race, melting away stone and lesser ores beneath its searing 7000 degree temperatures. in a circuit did it race, until the entirety of the geode was lined with the brilliant blaze for several minutes. At once the flames dissipated from they lingered, leaving nothing more than a white hot chamber in its wake.

    Though it did not remain that way for long. As the prince turned and began to lumber towards the entrance, the ceiling and walls of the chamber began to droop as it melted in on itself, filling in what was once a spacious underground chamber with magma.

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