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    Febuary chills

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    Febuary chills

    Post by Tally on Thu Feb 19, 2015 3:42 pm

    Time: Noon
    Date: February, 19. 0005

    Noon, time for lunch. Tally pushed on through the cold, the wind whipping at her nose and cheeks. Going out to eat, might not have been the best thing all around. But that morning they ran out of bread, and Tally really didn't feel like getting anything from the cafeteria in the mall. Plus fresh air was great, just a shame that it was so icy. Sighing she pushed on a little harder through the icy breeze, just a few more months of this and it would be over. Hell March was almost here, and once it finally got here then perhaps Tally could get some actual work done outside.

    Just so long as she didn't have to deal with this cold anymore...

    Reaching up Tally rubbed at her nose, lord it felt like she was going to freeze in this weather. Maybe it was best to invest in a winter home, some place nice and quiet and warm she could stay once she retired that way she didn't have to keep dealing with this sort of weather.

    Another strong breeze came by and Tally wrapped her coat around her body tighter, holding her lunch close.

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