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    Babby's First Home

    Alasdair & Sutekh


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    Babby's First Home

    Post by Alasdair & Sutekh on Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:05 pm

    January 20th, Year 5


    "Do you really want to move out of the Tavern?" "Yes! That place smells like perfume or booze most of the time and Lunette's rules of us having to clean up too is annoying!" Sutekh moved allowed his head to sink into the scarf around his neck as they walked through the residential area, looking for any 'for sale' or rental signs on the homes about. Though they weren't looking for a home, per say, any place would do. An apartment would be more ideal right about now. "Let's look in here, see what the place is like." Alasdair seemed hesitant on entering, but followed Sutekh anyway. The idea of living in a small place with people on either side of you... it didn't sound very good to him. The building was nice, and it did seem oddly quiet, but it still slightly bothered him.

    Sutekh looked around and it seemed there wasn't really anyone who could help them... it was just so quiet and dead inside. It was nice looking, it didn't look ran down or in shambles, nothing like that, it was just.... odd to have no one to talk to about purchasing a place here. Just... no one. "Well. This is weird. What do we do?" Sutekh gave an expression that showed... uncertainty, while Alasdair just seemed flabbergasted that anyone can walk in here and take control over an apartment of choice. What even was this place!? Who did that?? "I... don't know! Maybe we should... go into the office?" The dog-man shrugged and both of them wandered into the office and...

    No one was there to sit at the desk or talk to them! It was just an empty office with a cabinet with various keys that were to the apartments here. "... Well, I guess we don't have to worry about too many neighbors, right?" Sutekh gave a snarky grin as he grabbed a random key before walking out. Alasdair was still unable to deal with all of this; how was there no way of paying? How was no one here!? Was there no landlord or person that ran this place?! So many questions, he had to be dragged out by Sutekh's tail in order for him to be moved. "Hey, don't question it. It's a new, free home and we should just enjoy it! Let's go see where this key takes us."

    Up the stairs to the second floor, it seemed it led them to Apartment 28. Unlocking the door, Sutekh and Alasdair peered inside to see it in... well, moderate condition. Furniture, nothing wrong with it, it didn't seem out of place. It was just a simple apartment. "I can deal with this." Alasdair, though reluctant, shrugged and let out a sigh, "yeah, okay. Let's go back and tell Lunette." Closing the door and putting the key in his jacket, Sutekh and Alasdair made their way back to the tavern to tell their friend that they had a new place to stay. Now they wouldn't have to clean another dish unwillingly!

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