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    Some Important Research



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    Some Important Research

    Post by Amalan on Sun Feb 01, 2015 2:09 am

    DATE: JANUARY 3RD, 2015
    TIME: APPROX. 10:30 AM


    To say that yesterday had been an eventful day for Amalan would be an understatement. There was a great possibility that his discovery in the swamp was a lucrative one. More than lucrative, really. Not only was there a patch of fruit that could potentially work as a substitute for feeding, but it was also situated next to home on the water that happened to be for sale at an amazingly low price. To be absolutely sure, though, he would have to do some research on this strange fruit. What better place to do that than the inn's computer room?

    And so the vampire sat in a desk chair, typing away on one of the computers. It took a lot of keywords, somewhere along the lines of "pulsing glowing red fruit that tastes like blood," but he eventually found it. Yes, that's it! That looks exactly like the fruit he found in the swamp! According to what he found on the computer, it was called plasma fruit. A smile crossed the elf's face as he read on about it. It would seem that it was just as he suspected. This fruit could serve as a reliable food source for him. There was even some information on how to cultivate the fruits, as well as various dishes that could be made with them. Of course he couldn't resist printing it out.

    There was a good chance that he would be turning in his key soon...

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