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    Anyone need a small, chubby, mustachioed Italian?



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    Anyone need a small, chubby, mustachioed Italian?

    Post by Mario on Sun Jan 25, 2015 12:03 am

    Time: 15:07
    Date: January 24th, 0006.

    It had been a while since anyone had seen or heard anything from the resident plumber, well ex-plumber, but Mario hadn't disappeared to another Gamma or anything like that. He'd just been busy getting settled and making himself familiar with Portal City itself. It had been a long time since he'd been around such a bustling hub of activity. Part of the Mushroom Kingdom's charm was that it was more than a little different from the hustle of City life. While it was lively and full of friendly faces the streets had never been teeming with people, like you'd see in, say, downtown New York.

    Life in the Mushroom Kingdom had been more rustic. Sure, there'd always been lots of adventures to be had, but most of the time the Mushroom people, or toads, were content with the sort of lifestyle you'd see in your average small to mid-sized village. They'd tend to their gardens and go to the market, visit their local bank and shops, and go out for dinner. As for jobs, they too existed in the Mushroom Kingdom, of course, but most were simple, honest blue-collar jobs for simple, honest people. No huge rushes of toads clogging the streets on their way to the stock exchange, or mega-corporate CEO toads dressed in pinstripe suits and carrying important briefcases.

    The point is it was taking some time for Mario to get used to a life filled with a little more hustle and bustle. He'd always found the more easy-going existence, apart from having to perform the odd heroic deed or two, to be part of the Mushroom Kingdom's charm. It's why he and Luigi decided to stay after they first ended up there all those years ago, instead of looking for a way back to Brooklyn. Things were pleasant. Portal City wasn't as busy a central hub as New York exactly, but it did take time to get used to city living again.

    Speaking of work though, that's why the small, mustachioed man had made his way to the bulletin board. He had plans to begin work as a plumber again, or start up a pizzeria... Maybe both. Mario's Pizza and Plumbing... It had a nice ring to it. That meant he needed to either build or rent a workspace, though, and that cost money, something he was short on at the moment. So, here he was, placing his own, simple ad near the bottom of the board.

    "Hello! It's-a-me, Mario. You need pipe unclogged? House painted? Shed built? Then-a call the Stock Pot Inn and-a ask for-a me, Mario. You want job done - Mario is number one! Woohoo!"

    With a large smile, most of it obscured by his wavy mustache, Mario looked over his ad one last time before nodding to himself. He was pretty happy with it considering it was his first time looking for a job in about three decades.

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