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    Nascence [1a]



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    Nascence [1a]

    Post by Fear on Sun Jan 18, 2015 6:14 pm

    Slipped beneath the alien's bedroom door is a small parcel of paper; a piece of expertly-tied twine keeps them together. Ordinary and seemingly innocuous, the parchment carries with it a distinctly malodorous aroma and faint wisps of eerie mist emanates around its edges... C-Can paper be haunted?

    Good evening, Kev. Attached to this notice is a copy of your training schedule. Though I will not ask you to commit it to memory, nor carry it upon your person at all times, I do require that you keep it well within mind. This sheet of paper will be your greatest ally and your most reliable tool; try not to lose it. If you do, another copy will not be provided. Learn the times and prepare accordingly. Tardiness is not an option.

    See you in the morning.


    There is nothing else to read.

    Specially tailored for: Cadet Toad
    Estimated Time: 90 Days

      - 0530 [BEGINS]

      - 0530 to 0600:

        + Grooming, morning chow

      - 0600 to 0900:

        + PT ; stretches, warm-ups, cardio, weight training

      - 0900 to 1200:

        + Daily chores ; animal care, cottage and property maintenance

      - 1200 to 1230 [LUNCH]

        + Afternoon chow

      - 1230 to 1530:

        + Mental exercises ; psychic offensive and defensive techniques, stress tests

      - 1530 to 1830:

        + Spiritual exercises ; meditation techniques, daily reflection

      - 1830 to 1930:

        + Reading study

      - 1930 to 2000 [DINNER]

        + Evening chow

      - 2000 to 2100:

        + Relaxation, daily assessment, grooming

      - 2100 [ENDS]

        + LIGHTS OUT

    *Judicially Approved
    Judge On Duty:
    Judge Fear

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