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    For the Worms



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    For the Worms

    Post by Bloodscream on Mon Jan 12, 2015 1:47 pm

    Time: 6:10 PM
    Date: 12/14/14

    The smell was bad enough, rot, festering rot and blood. Death It hung in the air like a heady perfume, Fear. The Fear that gripped the mind and body when the soul realized that the final bell had rung and the life was at its final moments. Such a perfume was not unfamiliar to the mercenary's soul, how many lives were lost to war? To the blade of the paid man? Dealing in death as he lived and even more so after his damnation Bloodscream found the sight of such acts almost nostalgic. A shame that the acts were done upon the land that he had claimed. A shame that such acts were another mark against his competence. A shame that those who had committed the crimes had fled.

    A shame that someone was going to have to die.

    Bloodscream regarded the tiny little figures, rotted to mush. How curious. And by curious he meant how utterly irritating.  What poor fates these little souls had met, what pain might they had felt? Had it been quick or had it been agonizing? Bloodscream would never know. Bloodscream turned and left, he had certain parties to inform.

    Oh what fun this was going to be.

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