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    Presents in the Cold



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    Presents in the Cold

    Post by Livewire on Tue Jan 06, 2015 4:22 pm

    DATE: 1/6/0005
    TIME: 14:00

    Livewire really did like watching the snow.  She was extremely fond if it, in fact.  When she was first born, it was the only form of water she wasn’t afraid of.  She could stand out in the snow without fear of going into a glitch, and so it brought her a comfort.  It was also pretty, no matter what light filter she used to view it.  The crystals in each and every flake were beautiful and perfect no matter if they were complete or no.  Each one was different as she had been reminded many times when she read about them.  She also enjoyed the cold, as it gave the air a nice, crisp feel as it passed through her vents.


    Oh.  Apparently, not all were welcoming the cold.  Livewire’s audio sensors picked up that tiny, pathetic sound as clear as a bell and instinctively she was walking towards it.  The snow crunched against her metal feet as she ducked into an alley, only take three steps.  There.  There it was.  Tucked against a heating vent was a small, drowsy black creature curled up and mewling pitifully as it shook with another gust of freezing wind.  Oh no.  Livewire crouched down and immediately picked up the small bundle.  Its eyes were blurred, like someone had spilled milk over glass.  It’s blind.  Metal hands quickly tucked the tiny thing into her sweater as her subspace opened and she drew a soft towel from the black depths to wrap around the bundle.  She stood up, and the lack of pawprints in the snow around the kitten told her all she needed to know.

    Blue optics looked down at where the shivering package laid in her sweater before she looked up, determined, and marched towards the Sanctuary.  She needed supplies and she didn’t have time to get them at a store. "Don't you worry, little guy.  I'll take care of you."

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