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    I Reject your Household and Substitute my Own!



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    I Reject your Household and Substitute my Own!

    Post by Discord on Wed Dec 24, 2014 11:46 am

    Time: About 5:30ish in the morning.
    Date: December 24th, 2014

    Did you think he had forgotten? Oh nonono, he remembered very clearly that conversation in the Sanctuary just a few nights ago, and here he was, carrying out a deal that Kev may or may not even remember.

    His power had strengthened considerably over the past several months. He wasn’t back to full power yet--far from it, as he still could not teleport, hypnotize, or use his powers to a seemingly unlimited extent--but he had been managing to create much bigger and better solid objects and illusions than he could in his first few months in the Breach. What better way to celebrate such accomplishment than by showing off for a good friend’s benefit?

    Enter the new Martha Stewart, and boy did he have a few ideas…

    Wrapped in some scarves and a blanket that he had turned into a cloak of sorts, Discord had made his way to Kev’s humble abode before the sun rose. He may be a bit colder now than he would’ve been had he decided to do this during the day, and he may be a little hyperactive thanks to having so much coffee to make sure he would stay awake, but it would be worth the cold and who was to say that coffee was a bad idea? Great minds thrived on coffee, according to what he had heard on the radio, and what reason had he to doubt that?

    Silently, Discord crept around the house, watching out for the dogs that would betray his presence if he were caught by them.  His alterations seemed to melt or flow over the existing décor rather than being betrayed by small flashes like they usually were--he was going for subtle after all, to minimize his chances of getting caught--turning just the first floor interior and the exterior into something much more lively than it had been before.

    Kev’s perfect vision of a handsome window--rippling muscles, sunshine and all--splayed over the windows in the French doors so that each one formed a piece of the whole image, a darkish green and silver checkered floor, a rather glossy coffee table with the map of the Breach decorating its surface, some pearly translucent curtains, pastel green interior walls, the winter-weakened shrubs outside now seeming to be poinsettias in full bloom, the chairs seemingly transformed into large plump marshmallows, the couch cushions into thin clouds just dense enough to hold someone’s weight, and the countertops into something that looked like ice though it wasn’t cold nor slick. As a final touch, he covered the exterior; when the sun rose, the same earthy colors of the outside of the cottage would seem iridescent.

    Sweat starting to drip down his brow, Discord slipped a small note under the door, and was gone just as quickly as he had come.

    Overall, he had only been there for just over a minute.

    The Note:
    This all should fade in two or three days if my guess-timations are correct, so enjoy it while it lasts. Happy Hearth’s Warming Eve!

    With love,
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Draconequus


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    Re: I Reject your Household and Substitute my Own!

    Post by Kev on Wed Apr 15, 2015 9:04 pm

    As the sun rose into the sky, so too did the scaly green alien known as Kev rise from his bed like a vampire from a crypt. Too early...Kev rubbed at his eyes and wondered why he had gone to bed so early when he didn't have to work today. Though it came to him soon enough when he remembered just why the shop had been closed; it was the day before Christmas! Which meant there was some last minute shopping to do. Shopping which Marvin was going to join in on. It was something of a 'gift' to the robot, taking him out for a day in the city and letting him look at the shops and stores. Honestly, Kev needed to take him out more often. If the robot found anything that tickled his fancy, Kev was gonna make sure to get it for him. Be it books, candles, or clothes! Though clothes might not fit him so well... The alien lifted himself up on his elbows and rested them on his pillow, looking at the prone metal form beside his bed. "Wakey wakey, Marvin."

    The robot's optics switched on and filled with a bright blue color, body shifting into a position that was eager and ready to move, no longer stiff and still. "Good morning, Kev!" The robot shuffled in place, like a child who was being forced to wait before opening his gifts.

    The sight of it made the scaly alien chuckle. "Excited~?" The robot nodded fervently. "Alright, alright...go check on the animals for me real quick, I'll get dressed, and we can leave. Okay?" Marvin barely waited for Kev to finish before he clambered down the stairs. Kev shook his head and pushed his blankets off, standing up off the bed. He had only managed to pull his pajamas shirt off before Marvin began to yell up to him frantically.

    "Kev! KEV!" Thunderous clambering sounded as the robot galloped back up the stairs. Kev turned back to face him, a brow raised questioningly though before he could even get the thought out, Marvin spoke again. "We have been robbed!"

    "...Robbed?!" The clean shirt Kev had been holding slipped from his fingertips and settled on the wooden floor. Marvin nodded.

    "Robbed! A-and they replaced everything they stole!"

    "..." Alright, that sounded pretty weird. Kev had been friends with people who liked to steal, and you don't typically replace the things you steal. You just take it. Looking completely gobsmacked, Kev wiggled his way past Marvin to go downstairs and see for himself, coming to a stop as soon as he hit the bottom step. Marvin followed behind, peeking over Kev's shoulder. The walls, which used to be yellow, were now a bright pastel green. The wooden floor had been replaced with a green and silver checkered tiling. The square coffee table was replaced with a...rather fancy and pretty one, which had a map printed on it. Unless he was mistaken, it looked to be a map of Portal Breach! The furniture had also been replaced, the chairs were now poof-y marshmallows and the cushions on the couch were...cotton? Kev walked forward and brought a hand down to prod the white fluffy cushions. Certainly not cotton, or wool. In fact, it didn't even feel to be any kind of fabric. It felt...like...air. Like a cloud! "This...can't be a robbery. This new coffee table is even a little better then the one we had before! That's not how you rob!"

    "Robbery, not a robbery, either way Kev...someone came in here and messed with the cottage." Logistics of 'robbery' or not, Marvin knew that when he powered down, the cottage didn't look like this! It had changed, and they needed to find out why.

    Clueless and confused, Kev aimlessly wandered into the kitchen, noting that the counter-tops had been replaced by a translucent substance that looked much like ice. That was overlooked once Kev had seen the french doors however. The windows had been changed, a rather magnificent visage painted across it in stained glass. All at once, everything began to make sense, and Kev covered his face as he started snickering. "Pfft...kekeke...!"

    "...Kev?" Why was he laughing? How was this funny? Someone had defaced the property! Marvin's reaction only seemed to make Kev laugh harder. "...Is this a hysterical reaction to the damage done to the cottage?" He inquired, concerned, as he approached the alien. Before he could lay a comforting arm on him though, Kev looped an arm around him and laughed openly and loudly.

    "I can't believe he really did it! I was just kidding! But look!" He gestured to the window with a wide arm, and Marvin glanced at it.

    "...I do not understand. This...thing, looks ridiculous. Aren't you angry that someone defaced the windows with...this?"

    Kev snorted again, and indeed, it was ridiculous. But it was exactly as ridiculous as Kev had described to Discord a night or two before. Giant, plump muscles and hair that was long and luxurious. "It's a joke, Marvin." A pretty awesome joke, at that. So this was the extent of Discord's power, huh? Strong draconequus. Kev glanced around the area for a moment, before spying a letter nestled between the wood of the door and the colorful new tile. Kev reached down to pluck it out and read it, handing it off to Marvin for him to read. "See? It's temporary! My friend Discord changed the place up as a joke slash gift!"

    Marvin took the note and read it over, seemingly appeased. Well...if this Discord person changed up everything as a gift, he...supposed it was alright. As long as everything came back and nothing had been stolen. Marvin passed the note back to Kev, though he cast a curious glance at the window. "I still do not understand...that thing. Why are the muscles so large? Why is the hair so long? It is like the cover of those novels you try to hide from me."

    "Eh?!" Kev stared, getting anxious. He could still fix this! "I-I don't know what you're talking about!"

    "You know, the books with the muscular and long haired men on the cover, typically covered in women who are clinging onto them-" Kev abruptly got behind Marvin and began to push him, unsuccessfully, away from the window.

    "I-I'll tell you when you're older! H-how about until then, we get ready to go out to the city? Y-yes~?"

    Marvin squinted his optics and began to walk forward and away from the window, the alien leaving him behind to run upstairs and continue changing. "Whatever you say, Kev...whatever you say."

    "I'm Kev, and I speak through the power of telepathy. It is represented by italics and the color code #33CC66."

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