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    Discord: Powers Level 20-30



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    Discord: Powers Level 20-30

    Post by Discord on Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:42 am


    LEVEL 20

    Name: Hey look, a giant rubber band ball!
    Description: Discord tries to distract his opponent for a short amount of time by doing something incredibly random. This can be anything from temporarily swapping their gender or giving them a tail to dropping a piano on them or making them get trampled by a wild nyan cat.
    Specifics: Stun; 1d/1c/1 duration, 10 AP, 5 turn cooldown

    LEVEL 30

    Name: Just a suggestion…
    Description: What kind of so-called Master of Chaos and Disharmony would Discord be if he could only mix up the environment a bit? No, that wouldn’t do; now he can manipulate other organisms as well, so long as they have a will to sway. Once he has a weakness or circumstance to exploit, Discord can use some clever words and a hypnotic gaze into his target’s eyes to get them to act in rather chaotic ways which they would not otherwise.

    Side effects include but are not limited to: not attacking your new lord the almighty Discord, not attacking in general, attacking your friends/allies/tools, irritatingly aloof displays of nonchalance, some seriously OOC actions, temporarily changing alignment entirely, depression, helping to incite chaos, turning grey, discarding your values, displays of severe aggression or douchebaggery, and loitering.

    NOTE: Discord cannot control the mind of his target. This is more of a status effect; he could suggest that they do something and be very persuasive about it, but he can’t force them to do anything, even if he wants to.
    Specifics: Costs 15AP, five turn cooldown. Flip two coins and a duration die.
    2/2 HIT: Opponent is hypnotized for the duration rolled.
    1/2 HIT: Opponent can flip a coin to try and evade Discord’s suggestion. If hit, then they are not affected.
    0/2 HIT: Opponent is not affected.

    ((Also, Discord's level 1 and 10 powers need updated; The Ultimate Cheer should now cost 2AP per use, and Spirit of Disharmony should now use 2 dice and cost 10AP. Thanks! :) ))


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    Re: Discord: Powers Level 20-30

    Post by Zurg on Sat Dec 27, 2014 3:51 pm

    Loitering!? That's a serious offense, pal!

    Alright, character sheet has been updated and AP costs have been edited to reflect Discord's current level. Thank you for being honest!

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