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    Post by Alasdair & Sutekh on Mon Dec 15, 2014 3:08 am

    December 15th, Year 5
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    Alasdair had left Sutekh far behind from the city. They were usually never apart, not for too long at least, but Alasdair had to leave. He felt a mixture of self-loathing and being a burden to his friend, who didn't seem to say otherwise or disagree. The Guardian was in fact looking for him, calling out his name, jumping around rooftops and freezing his tail off, but he wouldn't find the undead nearby. He had wandered off, too far for even Alasdair to feel Sutekh's presence, their connection almost fading. He paused for a moment as he looked over at the sign to his left, stating he was now leaving Portal City. Alasdair had paused, but not from fear of what could happen to him, just general fear of... being away too long. The two were connected, it felt like. But a break... maybe that's what he needed.

    Sutekh acting so indifferent towards him in front of others, maybe he was scared of showing a weakness. These thoughts rambled through the young man's head as he trudged forward, head down and mind filled to the brink of breaking. It became harder for him to walk the more he thought and the more emotional his thoughts kept making him until he tripped, falling over into the snow and not even realizing what had happened. Alasdair looked down to see something large and metal, rusted to the point of no recognition, until he looked over and saw an eerie looking place.

    An amusement park? The jiangshi walked over to the gates, looking beyond and seeing what seemed to be a closed amusement park. Closed the for the season, most likely, but it still made him feel eerie. Probably the imagery of clowns--but luckily the snow had covered most of them. Sliding in, Alasdair decided to look around the place, just to try and get his mind cleared. It was so much harder to focus and clear his mind... all he could think about were negative feelings. Was it because of this place?

    "I need to stop," he said, bonking himself in the head to stop. The park had a lot of things, but most were hidden due to tents or snow, but one thing in particular seemed open to all; a carousal, made with a variety of animals attached to it. Alasdair went up and looked at them, seeing they were devoid mostly of the snow that had fallen due to their cover atop the ride, and stepped upon it. The one he looked at, it looked like some kind of lion, and he took a seat. His head against the pole leaning downwards, he tried to empty his mind of any negative thoughts.

    Though his position wasn't exactly 'correct' in regards to meditation, Alasdair went silent and limp, looking like the corpse he was atop the false lion as his head laid against the carousal pole... his mind empty, he began to meditate and calm himself... to remove his negativity... remove what was making him ill.

    Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ..., he said in his mind. Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ... he repeated the mantra over and over, trying to rid himself of such negatives, bringing into him the positives and ignoring everything around him, completely unaware. All he wanted to do was release the darkness residing in his thoughts and push them out--then and only then would he return to his friend, and explain calmly his feelings.

    Emotions were difficult to handle... but being alone was far worse.

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