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    Leading Children Astray

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    Leading Children Astray

    Post by Universal NPC on Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:08 pm

    December 14th, Year 5

    Close to the park and near the business district, there was a nice and rather discreet daycare center for children. It was called "Sunny-side Up", the banner containing a happy sun and flowers blooming around in a subliminal manner (children grow, you know!). Today was a nice day--it was grey, but it was slightly warmer than usual, and the snow that had fallen in the park was just screaming to be played with! The children had been inside for quite some time due to the cold, but their teacher, a woman named Ms. Romez, decided it would be a fine day for them to come out and play. "Does everyone have their jackets, hats and mittens?" the woman asked as she checked over each and every one of them. Everyone nodded, or said "yes" in excited voices, and once the woman was ready, she began to lead them out of the center. The door was locked, and they were on their way to the park.

    "Stay close by, okay? Once we get to the park, you must stay in the playground area or in my vision! I don't want any of you getting hurt." The children nodded as a little girl in a pink and white fluffy coat grabbed the teacher's hand. She was obviously quite shy, and Ms. Romez merely looked down and smiled at her. "You can stay with me if you like, Mina," she assured the girl who looked up with a smile, but it disappeared as she hid herself in her jacket's fluff. Across a few streets and they were close to stepping on the grounds of the park!

    "Now remember, stay in my sight!" Ms. Romez called out as the kids ran and started to plummet into the snowbanks, immediately making forts and snow angels. The teacher let out a sigh and sat on a bench nearby after clearing it off of any snow, and watched them carefully as she could. The little girl known as Mina was close to the teacher, sitting down and making a small assortment of snow sculptures. To her, they were of cats and dogs and what not, but to most, they'd just look like random lumps of snow. Ms. Romez made sure to watch her just as she did the other nine children who were so happy to be playing in the snow.

    It wouldn't be long before they'd get hungry, and luckily, their teacher came prepared with fresh baked cookies in her bag that she had kept warm through the whole day just for them. Once it got too late, she'd call them back and they'd each get one, and head back to the center for their parents to pick them up.

    It seemed like a very nice day today.



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    Re: Leading Children Astray

    Post by Zs'Skayr on Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:26 pm

    The accursed sun! He'd drown this world in darkness if he could!

    The specter loomed underneath a large tree, bothered little by the cold that surrounded him and was agitated by the sunlight that seeped its way through the grey clouds. He had a black umbrella just in case, of course, but he was hoping in the colder months, it would stay gone for quite a while. He was wrong.

    This place will seep into the void soon enough... he thought to himself, a growl emitting from him as he kept himself phased. Though he was often flying around and about, he was certainly never appearing towards others--always phased out or hidden beneath the umbrella at hand, his speed and ghost-like abilities kept him out of plain sight from most others. Even still, underneath the thick tree, he phased out and hid himself. His work was going slowly, but it was coming along nicely, and though this was pleasing to him, he was still bored. He still had a debt to pay, after all... And in exchange, he'd never have to use an umbrella again. A good exchange, he thought, but he was still short at least 60 or so... sinners...

    Just as he thought of this, a woman with a group of children came nearby. Children... so loud and obnoxious, yet so innocent and brutally honest at times. He wasn't sure whether he liked them or not, but for the most part... no, no he didn't like them. The woman who was obviously their guardian sat on a bench close by to the tree the alien was hiding underneath, and watched the children closely. What an observant woman. Obviously perfect for the role of a guardian to so many children... It'd be a shame if any got lost.

    Or found.

    What an evil little thought that crept into the specter's mind; would he do such a thing? Could he? The answer to that, of course, is yes. It was perfect; ten individuals, all easily led... it'd be so easy... perhaps disappointing in the degree of difficulty, but they were all sinners nonetheless. Zs'Skayr would do this, just this once...

    Come to me... behind you... come to my voice... do not let it go... the specter raised his hand, pointing a claw at the woman as he subjected her to a mind-link. His thoughts protruded through her own head, and though she seemed confused at first, she turned around, looking confused, and arose from her seat. She told the girl nearby to stay where she was, and as commanded, came forward to the alien. Her curiosity got the  better of her and Zs'Skayr easily possessed her.

    The woman began to cough abruptly and clutch her chest, but otherwise, she seemed fine after her coughing fit had stopped. "..." The woman seemed completely devoid of expression and thought, but she turned and gave a smile, walking back towards her original perch and sat down for a few moments. Zs'Skayr looked and counted to make sure he was right; ten in all, including the woman. All unsuspecting. All ready to be judged.

    FEAR... he called into the void for the Judge, I have for you ten sinners... and I will be bringing them to you... to the church where you, myself and Hazama had met in the Outer District... within the hour... be there, and be ready. They are... small.

    With that done, the woman stood up once again and began speaking, "Children, I have a special surprise for you. We'll be taking the bus to a special place... It's a surprise what's there, but I assure you, it's going to be... fun." A small smirk appeared on her face, and the girl in the pink jacket looked at her oddly. The teacher looked down at the girl, her smirk now gone as she bent down and gave the girl a pat for reassurance. "Come along now, we've got someone to meet! He's part of the surprise!"

    The kids, though disappointed by their small time outside in the snow, rushed and followed behind their trusted teacher as they went to the nearest bus stop. They'd be arriving in the outer district soon, and they would most certainly be met with a surprise no one could ever guess.

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