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    Last Stop

    Post by Laharl and Flonne on Sun Nov 30, 2014 4:02 pm

    Time: 8:13 PM
    Date: 30th November, 2014

    A small Prinny made its way to the Trolls' Hive. It had been tasked with delivering a letter! Why you would entrust a Prinny with a task like that no-one knows, but by some stroke of unimaginable luck, it had made it there. The Prinny walked across the sand, stopping at one point and digging around. "This rock's shiny, dood!" It then proceeded further down the beach, slipped, and fell face-first. Getting up while groaning, it hurried across the sands once more in order to get to the Hive. When it did, it slid a letter under the door. Turning, afterward, it ran away.

    "Dear Residents of the Hive,

    As your strong and powerful Overlord, I have decided it is in my best interests to send you a message. I have an announcement to make; both my Archangel acquaintance
    Friend! and I have decided that we are going to go searching for our fellow party members; these consist of the loyal vassal Etna, and my little sister, Sicily. I plan to do battle with any other Overlords I may come across along my journey, and will likely return here when my journey reaches a close. It has been an absolutely terrific! (You notice some evidence of a fight between pens) time here with everyone, and we shall return when we have completed our goals. We ask you to please pass the message onto those who may care in Sanctuary.

    Goodbye for now,

    Overlord Laharl and Archangel Flonne"

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