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    Blow Back



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    Blow Back

    Post by Nym on Wed Nov 05, 2014 9:42 pm


    Nothing was thought of or said. The small Digimon merely ran rapidly as much as he could, chasing after small animals and feasting on them. There were fewer field mice, rats, rabbits and other creatures like this in the fields and near the cottage, but he began to move further and further away, closer and closer to the forest. With each animal he ate, he could feel them giving him more strength and endurance. His speed was amazing, but his turning was terrible; everytime he tried to do so, he would trip and tumble over, having to start over in his chase. Eventually, everything was caught, and fed on. This was all he did for the month of August.


    The forest was now the only place he wandered. He had grown into a bigger, better form. Stronger, faster and the need to feed was much more apparent. He kept himself hidden from everyone and everything that came close to seeing him, and animals that were still awake that were larger than himself, such as bears, he fought to get stronger. He fled when he knew they were stronger, but if they weren't... he'd finish them off, and eat them. He had no thoughts, no speech, just the basic concept of hunting and eating. Hunting, eating, sleeping, repeat. That's all he did and had been doing. There was nothing else to him than this. Everything small was his prey, and his trophies were the larger animals. Stags were his favorite, he loved the challenge of chasing them down and ripping them to shreds.

    By the time September was coming to an end, he finally managed to grow to the stage he was before his death. His form allowed him flight, and with this, he abused it constantly. Like an eagle or condor, he would hover over his prey or fly high into trees, only to divebomb his prey and kill them faster than they had time to react. Deer were easier now, and among his favorite foods.


    The seasons changed, and it became colder. The leaves changed colors and his fur made it harder to catch things off guard, which is why his wings came into play much more often. His dream was always to have wings to fly on, and yet... he just didn't seem happy. But he didn't seem sad... or any other emotion. He just didn't seem to show any kind of feeling at this point--it was obvious when he had first hatched--and he seemed to just be emotionless. Apathetic. It had something to do with his reforming.

    Something precious was lost, decided by him, during those flashing moments of death and rebirth. He had given up his emotions, because he thought to himself, what good were they?. He had no reason for them, and thus, Nym gave them up. And yet, when he heard Kev's voice everyday for the time he was in his egg, the loving caress the alien gave the egg... it hurt. It made Nym's stomach burn with some form of guilt. This was why he ran away; he didn't want Kev to know what he did, and what had happened. There was no reason for him to know he had given up his feelings in exchange for apathy.

    This was why he couldn't enjoy his new wings to the fullest extent. He had no feelings in regards to them. Perhaps small hints of joy or happiness, but he never really smiled, nor frowned. When he lost his prey or was hurt, he didn't feel anger or felt stupid for his carelessness. He just moved forward. Despite that, he did fly a lot. He flew constantly, really. Flying in the skies at night, it felt like freedom, looking down at everyone who was bound to the earth and grass, unable to feel what he felt, sensation wise. Nym's mind began to grow more and more, and he began to think more, too. He realized things faster, and he was back where he was--minus his feelings.

    TIME: 01:56
    NOVEMBER 1st

    The month of November was finally upon him, and he noticed the lack of animals running around. The cold was making them scurry faster and hide from predators in order to keep themselves alive to gather their food and provisions for the upcoming winter. Nym was having a harder time keeping up. There were still fish in the rivers and birds he could snap up, but animals bound to the ground with hooves or clawed feet were just harder to grab. It seemed now, after months of saying or doing nothing, it would be a good time to maybe...


    No, he didn't want to go back. He didn't want to see anyone.
    Hm, but why would he care? He asked himself this and the sensation of dread disappeared. He had to realize that it would be harder to survive during the winter when things froze over. He would need help, and a shelter of his own. Maybe it was a good time to go back... and reenter civilization. He'd keep his selfish action to himself, and try to fake any emotion he could. Nym would lie for the sake of his guardians--this was the only hint of emotion he had left. The love he felt towards them, the 'code' had started to reform. He wasn't upset by this, but he knew such a strong emotion couldn't be deleted forever. What was life without some love? What was love without someone to express it towards?

    Now was the time to come back.

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