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    Hide and No Seek



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    Hide and No Seek

    Post by Nym on Wed Nov 05, 2014 9:09 pm

    AUGUST 7th, YEAR 5

    Crck... crack...

    The time was about 3 in the morning. The egg, having not moved for some time, had finally wiggled, and began to crack. Once a portion of it opened, two yellow eyes peered out. They didn't glow, though. They appeared dull and almost dead. Maybe not dead... emotionless would be more accurate. The newly hatched Digimon stayed inside the egg, not moving at all and just glaring at everything around him. The room was warm, he could hear the animals move about in the dark, he was safe, he was home. And yet, he stayed in the egg. He was hungry, he knew he had to eat to grow stronger, but he just didn't want to move.


    If Kev looked at the egg, he would notice nothing wrong with it--the egg still looked normal and was still cold and hard. On the other side, however, it was cracked. Nym had moved the egg somehow and turned it around, as if hiding himself from Kev. When the alien went out to do his chores, he made his move.

    The egg cracked and disappeared, and the new form could be seen. Nym rushed down the stairs, hopping with haste down towards the kitchen, looking intently at the dog food laid on the floor. He knew the dogs went out with Kev, and this was the time to feed. Nym gobbled the dog food in a hurry, all of the food bowls empty within mere seconds. Anything else he could reach or find, he ate it in single gulps. All of the food in any bottom cupboards would be devoured, as if a ravage starving animal had torn through them.

    Within 20 minutes, he had eaten nearly everything that was close to the ground. His form had advanced once more, now taking on legs. He ran across the floor at rapid speeds, darting back and forth in search of anything else he could eat, but nothing could be reached at this point without assistance. Nym ran underneath the couch, where he hid for the remainder of the day.


    The next time Kev entered the house, near the end of the day, Nym would dart out past him, looking like a blurry ball of fur, fleeing into the grass and rushing into thicker parts of the brush. Chasing after him would prove useless; he was gone. Again. He didn't answer if Kev called for him, and if any dogs or animals came near him, he'd snap and chase them away. He wanted to be alone, this much was obvious. There wasn't much anyone could do.

    There was only time.

    ((Nym's hatched and is now in his second baby form. He's ran away, however, and is hiding from Kev--and everyone else for that matter. Searching would prove useless, but Kev may post a reaction.))


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    Re: Hide and No Seek

    Post by Kev on Sat Nov 08, 2014 12:01 am

    The alien had kept the egg in his room, covering it up with blankets and sometimes lingering near it just in case it hatched. Marvin would sometimes join him, confused about how the digimon could have changed into an egg, though typically the robot left the alien and the egg alone. Kev had been more than a little confused about how to care for the egg. It was different from the eggs his own kind laid, and he'd never assisted in the hatching of any spawn. All he knew for sure was to keep the egg damp and warm, though with this egg's hard structure, he decided to focus on keeping it warm. Sometimes Kev would prattle on inanely to the egg, hoping maybe Nym could hear him, other times he just kept a silent watch over it. As the days ticked by, Kev began to get even more worried. That first day he, Aya, and Zurg had ever encountered the digimon's egg, it didn't even take a day for it to hatch. It was taking...longer this time. Had something gone wrong? Or was it not even Nym at all? What if there was some giant, angry bird out in the grasslands, wondering where its baby had gone? Sure, Nym's collar had been next to the egg but...he still wasn't sure if that meant this was the digimon. So for the moment, Kev had kept mum about the situation, so as to not bother Aya and Zurg, and because of his own growing doubt.

    When Kev woke up that morning, he crawled out of bed, gave the egg a stroke and a whispered 'good morning' before he went downstairs to take care of the animals. First thing's first of course, was taking the dogs out to go potty. That went on as it usually did, no important details that needed to be given, and eventually Kev let the animals back inside...only to blink when the dogs rushed at the bowls and turned their heads to him inquisitively. "...What? Marvin got the food, didn't he...?" Marvin himself walked back into the cottage, head quirked. "Yes, I fed them before checking on the sheep. What is wrong?" The two of them approached the bowls and peered down to observe the contents. Empty. "You are sure the dogs did not eat it when you weren't looking...?"

    "Pretty sure. I took them out to potty, let them in to eat, and nothing." The two set about to refiling the bowls, though the dogs had now occupied themselves with...growling at the couch? "Oscar, Percy, Biddy." The alien clapped his hands, and though it took a bit for their attention to be grabbed away from the couch, they did eventually leave it be. It didn't take long for the alien to notice that the egg had disappeared, searching frantically all over the cottage and even trying the couch before eventually leaving for work. The alien urged Marvin to keep looking, though the robot had no real luck. The closest they got to finding the hatchling was when Kev walked in that afternoon and a furry ball of something ran by and out the door. "Nym?!" The alien and robot searched the surrounding area, but again their luck ran dry. Eventually the two stopped looking, the alien plopping on the couch and hanging his head. Marvin kneaded his hands together cautiously before approaching.

    "...Do not worry, Kev. I'm sure that Nym will be back. He is probably just...confused." The alien did not answer, and the robot soon clambered onto the couch alongside him, plopping something into Kev's lap. Nym's collar. "...You should tell them what happened. By now, they are likely worried. And...in case something happens, they should know." The alien grabbed the collar and squeezed it in his grasp, but was again silent. After a few moments he did nod to the robot though, and the robot leaned against him in response. "It will be alright." They just needed to give it time.

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