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    One Man's Trash...




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    One Man's Trash...

    Post by Zs'Skayr on Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:52 am

    NOVEMBER 2nd, YEAR 5

    ... is still just trash.

    He was way behind schedule, too far behind. He had nothing to show for the progress he had been trying to make, and with no safe haven to keep things, it had become increasingly difficult to even move forward with what he had planned. Zs'Skayr had kept up with bringing fodder to the Judges, and they in turn agreed to store his corrodium, but there was still just so much to do. Usually schemes like this took months to complete anyway, but with the time and change in seasons, it just seemed like the days flew by and with no progress to show for it. This was unacceptable, but upon reviewing the only place to find true scraps of old structures, he found the place to be fruitless. Nothing would work here--the scraps were far too gone, too decayed and overcome with rot and rust to be of use. Searching for hours and hours with nothing to show, how could he do what he wished and had promised the Dark Judges without materials?

    Taking the materials that hadn't been wrought with rust and melting them together sounded like a solid idea, but where would he mold them? How would he mold them? Stealing items in the city also sounded like a solid idea, if not for the code that held up the law there. Thieving from homes elsewhere, out of the city, wouldn't yield much--who lived out in the forest or pasture and had satellites and cables? Not as many as one would think. Very very few, actually. The idea of finding abandoned cars on the highway before someone or something picked them up also could work, but that required luck and good timing, both of which weren't really on the alien's side. No, he needed... help.

    Asking the Judges and anyone associated with them would be foolish--they already had plans and asking for more help would just deem Zs'Skayr weak and showing more uselessness than anything else. Showing any sort of weakness around such people would be idiotic. The alien knew better. No, he needed someone who knew technology just as much as him, and perhaps knew of a place where he could get his talons on newer metals and items to bend to his will. The Tech-dome had seemed to be around for so long, the metals almost encased in rust and sand... Perhaps a trip to the bulletin board would yield some results.

    Before this, however, he'd give the place a good once-over one more time before leaving. He had only a few precious hours before the sunlight would begin to beam over the horizon, and if he dawdled, he'd be stuck in this place for the remainder of the day.

    The front was where the most damage was; the sand would come inside via windows and the slightly opened doors that hung on the hinges, and welcomed decay. Nearly everything there was too rusted to be of use, or had broken already. Moving further towards the back, things seemed less ruined, but still were not the pieces he needed. Old arms from robots, pipes, tubes, old radios, consoles filled with dust... he shook his head as he held an old CPU up, only to have dust fall from within it, along with what was left of the motherboard. Nothing of use here. Nothing at all.

    Trash, all of it.

    He'd need to find fresher things...
    Perhaps it wasn't help he needed from someone. No... he thought about it for a good while. Asking someone for help, it wouldn't be the right thing to do--that'd just give away a lot of things that should still be in the dark for these unsuspecting people. Zs'Skayr needed assistance, but perhaps... not the help he had previously thought he needed. Some more details filled his mind as he crushed already decayed pipes with a single tap upon their weakest point, and the 'ping' was sort of like a lightbulb.

    Ooh. He knew exactly what he needed to do! How silly of him, why did it take so long to realize?

    He shook his head, feeling quite silly for not having thought of it before. But now he had a better idea, and the alien needed to hurry to the city. He would be getting a few nice things there--but not by thievery.

    No, he'd do things the right way.

    With a few loopholes, of course.

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