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    Delete, Redo



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    Delete, Redo

    Post by Nym on Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:03 pm

    TIME: 20:00 (9 pm)

    Oh, sweet nothingness--the embrace of pain and darkness was welcomed as everything became nothing more than a blurred vision and a strange memory. A burst of code and there was nothing. The only thing heard and seen were bright flasing images of the year gone past, all of the mistakes and teachings, all of the people whom had been met and fought, trusted and dismissed. So many things that flashed, it was all over within a mere second as a bright light beamed down from what seemed like the heavens above, a warm embrace of light and softness wrapping around the strip of code as it began to form. Far, far away. Far away from where it had started. It had traveled so far to from that terrible place, but the memories still lingered. Nothing could erase the memories, the feelings, so many emotions, until it was just too much. The light burst again and from it, an egg emerged, dark and shrouded in a blanket of doubts, fears and negativity... until it just turned into a dark purple egg, painted with white stripes.

    It didn't move; no wiggling, no warmth, nothing but a cold, hard egg, laying there in the grass as the stars twinkled and the animals nearby gave off soft cries as they were no doubt getting ready to fall asleep. The slightly warm wind was the only thing making the egg move--swaying with each gentle breeze, but was it alive? Was what it held inside, still alive? It was a dark, small figure, a ball with no limbs, hiding inside as its thoughts haunted it. Why, it repeated, the word why. No how, no where, no who, just why. But soon, these thoughts faded into nothingness as well. There was no reason, was there? No reason at all.

    The only clue that was with it as it sat alone near the door of the cottage was a leathery familiar item--a collar. A collar with a silver tag, inscribed with the name NYM. This was all Kev needed to know who and what it was.

    It's cold... it's dark... a small voice emitted in the dark, trying to find the mind of the one nearby. It was still too weak...


    ((OOC info: The egg took some time to reform, but it is now safely near the doorstep of Kev's cottage. Kev has the option of, somehow, hearing the small cry and finding the egg now, or finding it later in the morning; this is up to you.))


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    Re: Delete, Redo

    Post by Kev on Wed Nov 05, 2014 8:31 pm

    Last month had been one of the oddest months, to date. People had up and disappeared, out of nowhere. Now, granted this had happened a few times in the past but for the most part it made some degree of sense, or was a long time coming. For Zurg and Tally and Nym and Livewire to suddenly disappear...it was unlike them! Ttone at least had been taken in by Rasa, the alien was unsure about anyone else who had been displaced or inconvenienced. The Breach suddenly seemed very empty for a while. And then one of the individuals who had been nowhere to be found suddenly appeared on his doorstep a mere couple of days ago, though not with any good news. Another of those events that had a tendency to happen here, had happened. That at least accounted for the disappearances, and as long as everyone came back from it, that was fine and dandy and Kev was glad to finally know what was going on!

    Except that the corpse on his doorstep had also delivered some news that wasn't so fine and dandy. Nym had died, during the event, and it had been a while since he had returned. The alien couldn't help but think of Rhys and Proxy, of how those born here disappeared forever when they died. Had Nym technically been born here? He had been born from an egg, after all. An egg that seemed to have no mother to claim it, so he'd been 'created' outside of the Breach, yet hatched within it. The nitty gritty details, the semantics, were hard to figure out, and the best Kev could do was sit on the couch and wait to see if the digimon would reappear randomly or come bounding up to the door. After all, it usually took a week to come back to life! Maybe in the next few days, Nym was going to walk up. He had to, right? He'd been created outside of the Breach. He was going to be back.

    Despite himself, the alien let out a soft sigh and settled against the couch cushions. He hadn't gone to tell Zurg or Aya yet, even though they deserved to know as well. The alien didn't want to worry them without cause. After Nym came bounding up to the cottage they could go together and explain what happened, and they could all be alright because Nym was back and he'd had his first death and major disaster thing.

    ... wrote:It's cold... it's dark...

    The sudden little thought breezed past the alien's mind, though he caught it all the same. The alien tensed up on the couch before sitting up, ramrod straight. A voice! A small voice, calling out somewhere nearby. Cold and dark...was someone outside stuck somewhere? The alien swung his legs over the couch and tiptoed his way to the door, creaking it open and looking around before he spotted the egg and...collar? Kev grabbed the collar up first, thumb brushing over the nametag before he looked at the egg. Funnily enough, he could not remember what Nym's own egg looked like, but it was hard like this one. Purple and white...could it be...? The alien reached out and scooped the egg up in his arms, holding it close to his chest and reaching out mentally to the mind within. Hello...? There didn't seem to be any responses though, Kev didn't hear anything else come out of the egg. Nym's collar was laying next to it, so it had to be Nym...Kev backed up out of the doorway and shut the door, bringing the little egg inside, He wouldn't know for sure until it hatched, so he'd just have to make sure it did.

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