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    Death Cult Lite

    Post by Fear on Sun Oct 05, 2014 4:49 am

    Meet the Cultists

    Josh: text color - #99CCCC

    Despite his broad, towering frame, he is the cowardly cultist of the group, as well Josh is prone to stutter under stress. He joined the cult of Samn'eesh out of a fear of his own demise, as such, whenever there is a possibility of being placed in danger, he will often look to another cultist to go in his stead. Likely this means picking on younger cultists, using an excuse of seniority to make them do his bidding. Even so, Josh is accident prone and beneath his robes he has more than a few bandaged fingers from fumbling sharp objects or jamming them against things. This is even more evident with the condition of his mask, a sheep skull with a large crack down the front of it.

    He can be bullied into working, and fear is a good motivational tool for him if someone wants something done quick. However this does not mean he will do it with finesse or grace. Likely it will end in plenty of stubbed fingers and fumbled equipment. His talents lie in heavy lifting, housework, and cooking, alongside experience with working farmland. Often he will make simple comfort foods for himself to relax or try to sneak a beer when the Judges are not looking. He also has a smoking addiction, due to this his voice is rather gruff sounding. He likes Jen's calm but has a respectful apprehension towards Maurice. He was married before being drafted for work by the Dark Judges, and so worries about his wife regularly... Just out of earshot of his superiors. He plans to make actions towards going home again and abandoning Gunderson Acres if the Judges keep the four cultists there all the time. Otherwise he is happy to keep things hush hush in the name of keeping the Judges happy.

    Mortis and Fear give him the shivers. Unsure what to make of KARR or the Judge's guests that pop up every now and again, though he does not like how loud Lord Death is.

    Sam: text color - #6699CC

    The youngest cultist of the group, Sam has a small waifish frame with lean muscle. He wears a wolf skull upon his face with the bones surrounding the eye sockets burnt out of them. He considers it an artistic way of making himself stand out without being too tacky or upsetting the ways of their cult. He is very aware of rank and order within the cult's community. He joined the cult of Samn'eesh as a way of rebelling against his family's tradition and ways without them knowing, since they are quite religious. He also has something of a morbid fascination with reanimation and the occult. However, he has a slight resentment against Josh for trying to get him to do dirty work under the excuse of being a newly initiated cultist. He is quite nimble with his fingers and is adept at using tools to repair mechanical and electrical problems.

    Sam is the most compliant to work with little bullying aside from a hard stare or authoritative posturing. He is good at technical problems and can fix simple wiring, light plumbing and most common machinery that can be found on a farm, so long as it is something light. Sam is also a quick learner when it comes to working with his hands. Despite his small build he is the biggest eater of the group, and when Josh is not cooking something he will scrounge about the kitchen for something to eat. He knows better than to call carry out to Gunderson Acres and so waits until there is some time off before heading down to a local eatery to find something for himself. Often he will bring something back for the other three if they ask, and tends to hijack the farm's tractor as a means of transport.

    He is too young to drink, but he will also nab a beer from under the Judges' combined noses every once in a while. However, his fingers can get sticky if he feels confident and it does not take many beers for him to get drunk. Jen's calm is appreciated but he likes Maurice for her more cynical outlook. He finds it wise in an odd sort of way, a testament to his poor sense of judgement.

    Judge Mortis and Judge Fear are intimidating and send his skin crawling, but at the same time he is also slightly fascinated at them being actual living dead instead of such a way of being limited to only cult stories and lecturing. Sort of like seeing a unicorn outside of a fanatasy book. The same goes for Lord Death. Sam also works on KARR every now and again, but on small technical jobs that the AI feels are worth trusting him with.

    Maurice: text color - #999933

    Cynical, salty, and sarcastic, Maurice tends to act as the bitter common sense of the group. For a cultist she tends to question the validity of everything, all while spitting scathing remarks at its presence. She is not above taking shots at the security of her fellow cult-mates, with her favored target being Josh. However, she is a devoted cultist despite her cynicism and sarcastic wit that she tends to wield like a sledge hammer. While the few in their cult question why she even decided to join the cult of Samn'eesh, the truth is she joined out of interest of believing in something greater than herself. She does not put much stock in reanimation or the possibility of unlife, but she is open to seeing a successful attempt that will change her mind.

    Maurice is compliant to working without being bullied, even so she is not one to be easily intimidated like Josh or Sam. She is one of the older cultists, and has a stocky well matured body. Before joining the cult and being drafted by Judge Fear, she owned a livestock farm that raised sheep and a few pigs. As such she is strong enough to handle wrangling animals where she needs them to be. Maurice is not as accident prone as Josh, and tends to avoid getting herself injured easily.

    Her talents lie in heavy lifting, keeping records and inventory, along with keeping her accounts in a straight line. As well, she is not above using a fist or two in order to prove her point, especially against intruders to her home. She tends to be wary of the food kept at Gunderson Acres, and so looks to Sam for carry-out on their breaks, or brings her own food from home.

    She does not mind Sam, as she feels it is her duty to keep an eye on the newer cultists so they are not taken advantage of. Jen and Josh she does not mind either, but more in a neutral means of looking at them as fellow cultists.

    Is not really shaken by Mortis and Fear, as she knows Portal Breach houses far more frightening things. However, she finds some of their powers a little disturbing even for her standards and finds Fear's fixation on her unsettling. She finds Lord Death's loud mannerisms startling but otherwise annoying.

    Jen: text color - #CCCC99

    The oldest cultist of the group, she has been around since the cult of Samn'eesh was founded, which was not long after the events of the Alpha Plot. She is young, but old enough to drink. The events of Alpha and the Phazon incident have left her aloof and semi-detached from reality, which makes it all the more easier for her to commit the various ceremonies and practices that the cult often does. However, she holds enough moral awareness to keep an eye out for her fellow cultist's well being and ensure that the newer cultists learn what they need. Through her long service to the cult, she acts as an assistant to the cult priest, and was working towards becoming a priest herself. The founding of the cult, as she knows, centered around the odd being that rose up from the ground during Alpha's purge that brought with her what was apparently all who had died. She did not see this divine being as Omega, but as a deity of death and resurrection, alongside a few zealous others. She is the most devout among the cultists because of this.

    Jen is the most compliant among the cultists, willing to serve for the sake of the goddess, or in this case the Dark Judges. She is open to different interpretations of their cult's outlook, although she still sees them all as being originated from Samn'eesh. Due to her devotion she tends to fast and regularly give blood sacrifices to the deity she worships, sometimes that being her own if the ritual calls for it. She is very slim and bony because of this.

    Her talents lie in chemical mixtures and precise fluid measurements. She has steady hands and is a hard worker who will do near anything to get the job done. Jen also is a good listener and has a great memory for verbal instruction, very loyal to those she works with.

    She worries about the other cultists as she realizes they are not as devout as she is and are prone to chaos. However, aside from being stern in laying out the odd message of order she needs, she keeps to herself and her duties. Much like Sam, she is well aware of the ranking system within their cult and its rules, perhaps even more so.

    She does not mind Mortis and Fear's presence, as it tends to remind her of the rituals that were often performed before she was recruited to work with them. Although she finds their work to be far more interesting than that of the cult of Samn'eesh and she sometimes wonders what they have in store for them. She tends to keep her distance from KARR. Lord Death is a welcome presence as well given he is the reaper, even with his loud voice.

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