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    Post by Guin on Fri Oct 03, 2014 2:39 am

    Time: Dusk
    Date: 10.02.0005

    For hours he had traveled, callous feet pounding rapidly against solid earth. Heavy was his sword and sweaty was his brow; the world bowed before his mighty gait. Tired was he, a son of the wilderness, but still he did not stop. He did not stop, until, when the sun threatened to abandon the land to encroaching shadow, the compounding aches and tremors of his body begged for reprieve. Only then did the Leopard Warrior give into such desires for rest, the fatigued traveler welcoming shelter from a nearby cave in the wasteland's steep mountains. It will simply have to do, for journeying through these perilous lands at night was a fool's gambit.

    Soon a modest campfire was erected to ward of both the desert's merciless chill and its equally merciless denizens. Flickers of crimson and orange painted the shallow cavern with inviting glows, yet those who feared for their lives knew better than to intrude upon such territory. The Leopard Warrior, although spartan in clothing and devoid of little property, kept his broadsword nearby and made sure its glinting metal was visible even from a distance. Many days I have traveled, he thought to himself, the tawny juggernaut drawing closer to his fire. Spotted ears twitched and swiveled, hearing impeccable and ever vigilant for the uncommon threat. And yet, despite running beneath the open sky and encountering not a soul, I am no closer to discovering my identity as I had all those months ago upon first arriving at the Breach. Why...? He remembered vague details; flashes of dark armour and strands of beautiful, pristine white hair. How come he could hardly recall anything beyond such basic details? Every attempt was met with a blank wall, the Leopard Warrior's amnesia more difficult than any foe encountered upon this bizarre world.

    The fire's reflection danced within his feline eyes, mind ensnared by deep thought. The answer must be within me. I simply do not... remember, he reasoned. But how to remember? No amount of meditation and combat had triggered what he so desperately sought; did he require a higher power's aid?


    It was clear that the answer had not come tonight, however. And it may never will. Rather than accept defeat and continue to live with his strange condition unquestioned, the Leopard Warrior lied upon his sore back and stared up at the cave's rocky ceiling. I will discover who I am, he reassured himself, broad hands coming together upon his abdomen. The truth cannot escape me forever, no matter how thoroughly it tries to hide. I simply need to be patient and discover my identity as it may come. To force it otherwise would be foolish, and he'd rather not tempt fate anymore than it currently was. His identity will come, yes. It will, and he will then understood who, and what, he had always meant to be.

    Tired and allowing the soothing allure of fatigue to claim him, the Leopard Warrior peacefully closed his eyes and drifted off into sleep. In the morning he shall resume his run through the wastes and see what needed to be done, but for now... rest. It had long been overdue.

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