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    Special Delivery!

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    Special Delivery!

    Post by Prixlezub on Tue Sep 30, 2014 12:53 am

    Time: 4:30 AM
    Date: September 26, 0005

    Peaceful, serene, nary a creature stirred in the final hours of the night. All save for the ever hungry owls that soared overhead, silently searching for prey among the other more active nocturnal critters, of course. The darkness' silence broken only by the the song of crickets that lasted throughout the evening and into the night, even these persistent insects failed to notice what loomed upon heights far greater than the circling sweep of hunting owls. Upon dark wings it soared, moonlight glistening upon polished black stone. No bigger than a baseball it circled over, unseen eyes taking note of a sleeping cottage below, among other things.

    Apparently the alien had finished building that addition he had been talking about. Very good.

    With a tilt of it's slender wings the glistening ting banked down, twisting and turning the sharpened tips ever so slightly as it descended upon the quaint little home. The chimney in particular caught its carved eyes, as the wings folded completely against its smooth body and dove straight for the squared tube of brick and mortar. A small, quiet whoosh of air and a cloud of soot rolling up in its after wind was the only notification of its presence having entered the home. Within the chimney however, the odd avian-like intruder began to change in what would be only a blink in time, polishedstone quickly shifting to reveal an energized core before fanning out into a small disc, disturbing only more of the remnants of cozy fires past as it vigorously spun to reduce its velocity before gently settling on the flute of the fireplace with a gentle tink!

    Success! It had landed and without damaging a single brick on the alien's lovely stone-work. The soot on the other hand... Well, better to be grateful that the flute was closed instead of open. Now, how the currently soot covered visitor to the home would get past the flute was another thing entirely. For you see, the being in question counted upon the flute being closed as much as they counted upon it being open.

    With a single flare of the object's glowing core it came to the realization that the way in was blocked, its many facets quivering and shuddering before rearranging themselves. What was once a fan soon became a series of tiny, sharp fingers that wedged themselves into the edges of the flute, gently prying it open with a creak of metal on metal and grinding stone. However, the alien would not need to worry about the soot falling in for the object needed only the smallest of cracks before--


    It dispersed into a multitude of tiny fragments and slipped into the fireplace, the glowing center briefly shrouded in a cloud of black smoke and shimmering particles. Like a breeze it quickly pulled itself into the living room, seeming to slither upon the air before pausing before a familiar sight. A table! Eagerly the cloud descended upon it, swirling and condensing upon its surface quietly, the fiery orange of its core once again visible before it produced a note.

    The paper coarse as if pressed by hand, at first it was nothing but a blank sheet, flat and pressed like it had never been carried in a confined state. Once the cottage's visitor had finished producing the page and allowed it settle, however, black ink began to rise to its surface like pin pricks of blood from a small wound. Letters, written as if by means less warm or organic than hand-made penmanship appeared upon the surface and took form.

    The Note:
    Greetings, Kev,

    Apologies, I have forgotten to mention during our previous meeting in the Sanctuary that it would be best if we meet away from the cottage. My previous visit had left your lawn worse for wear and I do not wish to startle your animals. I had offered prior that we meet in the Wastes during the evening, therein we could both enjoy our talk and not have to worry about the desert heat that is so prevalent during the day.

    I have marked out the meeting place upon the back of this letter. There is a rock formation that allows for a rather splendid view of the night sky and the mountains. The directions are written out for you to follow. Safe travels and pleasant arrivals.

    - Prixlezub

    On the back of the note, there was a small list alongside a detailed map of the way from Kev's cottage to the wastelands, landmarks and locations printed upon it clearly. At the end of the path was what looked to be a large, flat butte of sandstone that towered into the sky. Likely the demon prince would know how to ascend it.

    Once the note had been written, the mysterious cloud of swirling smoke seemingly had evaporated into nothing. Not a trace of its presence left behind. Only a polite note for the alien to stumble upon in the morning and nothing more.



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    Re: Special Delivery!

    Post by Kev on Fri Oct 03, 2014 10:33 pm

    Time: 6:34 AM
    Date: September 26, 0005

    The sound of insistent barking jostled Kev from his sleep, the alien groaning and stretching his limbs around, much to the protest of the cat asleep on his chest, who meowed her discontent. "Nyagh...sorry Shally..." With a parting hiss at the dogs, Shally leapt off of the bed and disappeared down the stairs. With her gone, Biddy jumped up on the bed, as if she were the smallest dog in the house. She definitely was not. "HYAUGH! BIDDY! Dooown!" The dog licked his face happily, Kev's arms flailing to get the dog and her slobby tongue away. "Marvin! Help!" The robot, who had been crouched next to the bed as he charged during the night, became active at Kev's yell. Blue optics turned on and the robot turned his beak-like head towards the sound of the cry for help. Though once Marvin saw that Kev was at the mercy of a dog and not a dangerous criminal, the robot sauntered his way over and grabbed the dog in his arms, guiding her off the bed.

    "Bad Biddy, you know you're not supposed to get up there." The robot wagged a finger at her, and Biddy had the decency to look a little ashamed before she made her way down the steps as well. Which left two dogs in the room with Kev and Marvin, both of them still barking and running to the bedroom door and back as if waiting for something.

    "Nnn, I think they need to potty. Mind taking them for me?" The alien asked, sitting up in the bed and rubbing his chest. Biddy had not injured him, he was sturdier than that, but it still wasn't too fun.

    "Of course. Need me to feed them as well?"

    "Nah, its my day to feed them. You have the turtles again." Kev's arms stretched in every direction, bones cracking as he did so. The robot nodded to Kev before plodding down the steps, joined by Oscar and Percy. Heavy thuds and soft tik taks of their descent down the stairs got softer and quieter as they reached the first floor, and Kev could hear the front door opening. The alien swung his legs over the side of the bed and reluctantly climbed out of it, stumbling his way towards his closet to grab out his clothes. "Couldn't wait another hour to potty...course not..." He mumbled to himself as his pants were pulled on, shirt and boots not far behind. The alien had just gotten his cape and gloves on when he heard Marvin calling out to him.



    "There is a...um...note. A note here. Its addressed to you."

    Kev's brows drew downwards curiously and the sleepiness he had was waved off. The alien came down the steps, two steps at a time, and entered to the living room where Marvin was lingering beside the coffee table. "A note?" The robot made a soft hum and merely pointed to the strange paper on the table, Kev grabbing it off and reading it curiously, while Marvin's optics noted the back of the paper. Kev's large eyes scrolled through the words, that's right, he and Prixlezub were meeting up today! Though according to this, they wouldn't be meeting at the cottage. The demon was correct, the last time he was here there was...quite the scorch mark on the lawn. Instead, Prixlezub wished to meet up in the Wastes, during the evening when the sun had gone down. At the mention of a map on the back, Kev turned the paper over and Marvin overlooked the note on the side that now faced him. A map was definitely useful to have for finding this place.

    "Prixlezub...that is the name of the firey car demon you've spoken of before, yes?" The robot asked, curious.

    "Yes, he's a friend. We're going to be meeting up tonight, it seems." Kev looked over the two sides of the paper, then looked around the room. "...Was this outside and you brought it in?"

    "No, it was on the table, here. I did not touch it." The alien blinked, then looked around the room yet again in disbelief. Prixlezub was big. Big. How in the world did he manage to get this paper in here and place it ever so delicately on the table?! How did he touch it without it setting on fire? And how did he write this thing? "Is something wrong?"

    "No, no, its fine." Kev placed the paper back on the table, hand lingering on it for a moment before he moved on. "Lets take care of the morning chores." The robot nodded his agreement and the alien put an arm around the robot affectionately, though he spared the note one last glance. Tonight was definitely going to be interesting...

    "I'm Kev, and I speak through the power of telepathy. It is represented by italics and the color code #33CC66."

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