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    New Age research

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    New Age research

    Post by Tally on Thu Sep 04, 2014 3:28 pm

    Time: Noon
    Date: 06/17/04

    Tally decided to take the time allotted to her by her lunch break to head to the library, the building having been an infinite source of information so far she wasn't expecting it to let her down this time either. Ever since visiting Njorth's business she had been antsy. Competition wasn't necessarily a bad thing, she just hated that she had waited so long and someone else had done something similar. Then again, potions were a very different thing from poisons and herbal remedies. Unless it was a poisonous potion or something to heal you? You know what screw it, magic, her stuff didn't have magic that was the difference.

    Of course just because the what she did didn't have magic in it, didn't mean that the raw ingredients couldn't be used for magic. Tally remembered a certain wizard very well, and how he had requested her services in hunting down supplies for his potions. She'd even dropped that comment around Njorth, figuring that she might as well try and score some extra business, but he hadn't taken the bait. Hell it didn't seem like he had even noticed the bait. Which was a little irritating but so be it.

    But just because he hadn't taken her up on it didn't mean he couldn't in the future, nor did it mean that no one else could either. Tally perused the shelves until she found what she was looking for, back in her highschool there had been a huge boom of girls proclaiming themselves to be Wiccan, using spells and magic as they liked to call it. Tally wasn't going to knock the religion, wasn't her place and it wasn't right. But it was easy to see how herbology and horticulture could go hand in hand with green magic. People used plants sometimes in spells, and she could find out which ones.

    Pulling a large paperback book off of the shelve she sifted through the pages before deciding she liked what she saw and closed it. She picked out several others and headed towards the counter. Most of the things in here she already had in seed packets at the shop, others she could find, one of the books even had medical uses for the plants, while others warned of toxicity, all around it was a win of a find.

    Now all she had to do was get planting and spread the word when the time came.

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