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    There is a Surprising Lack of Blue Here...



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    There is a Surprising Lack of Blue Here...

    Post by Shaiamils on Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:54 pm

    DATE: AUGUST 23RD, 2014
    TIME: 2:30 PM

    Whoa, WHOA! One second Shaiamils was being sucked into this crazy blue light, the next he was being dropped from the sky! In that moment, the avian was lucky that he was able to fly. Frantically, he flapped his wings until he had complete control over his fall. Slowly and carefully, the doctor descended, hovering above the ground for a moment before gently landing. Just where was he? The view from above revealed a strange lack of blue land. This lead him to believe that he possibly wasn't on his planet anymore, but just how did he get here?

    The light... Could it have been a portal of sorts? Was this a test of some new teleportative technology? The doctor shook his head, appalled by the thought. If so, why of all places would they choose to test it in a doctor's office? There's no way anyone would have approved a test like that in such a location. Tests like that should be for the lab, and only for the lab! No matter, Shaiamils had to figure out where he was, and if he really wasn't on his planet anymore, he would need to find a way to get home. Hopefully the citizens around here were spacefaring.

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