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    What Does The Irken Say?

    Invader Zim


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    What Does The Irken Say?

    Post by Invader Zim on Wed Aug 20, 2014 1:40 am

    Time: 12:27 AM
    Date: 8/15/14

    Invader Zim's days were getting very repetitive. There wasn't too much to do at his shop, there weren't many hobos to laugh at anymore, there wasn't much to do in his little club, and there wasn't much to do in the Sanctuary besides getting really really really angry at people. Which was...you know, pretty fun and all. But pretty annoying too. That toilet paper being didn't take him seriously at all! But one day she would pay, oh yes! Unfortunately that day was NOT today. After the 5th hour straight of hearing Zim complain, his computer had suggested he get out and explore the city, find something to do to take up his attention, concentration, and perhaps be a lot of fun.


    The computer didn't really say all of that. In truth, the computer let out a loud groan of 'Gaaawd, if you hate being cooped up in the shop all the time why don't you get OOOOUT you anti-social LOOOOSER.' But, you know, Zim could pick up on the subtle nuances to detect what it really meant.

    Taking such advice, Zim now strolled his way down the street. Every abode he came across earned a glare though, as nothing seemed worthy of his attention (or monies). Suddenly however, there was a sound. A thundering sound like a stampede, Zim turned to face it only to get slammed into a bunch of legs. "ACK! UNHAND ME! UNHAND ZIIIIIM!" He screeched loudly, struggling as he was pinned between the crowd, though the prattling of the crowd was too loud for them to hear his protest. Was this how he was to die? Trampled by idiots? Horrible. Terrible.

    The legs suddenly disappeared however, and the bodies attached to them dispensed and Zim was deposited onto the ground. He picked himself up, patting himself down and irrtably flicking a dirty band-aid away and giving the spot it had been a spray of disinfectant. Only when he felt well and truly clean did he raise his eyes from the luminescent dance floor to the building proper. The alien hissed. Of course, those idiots had been on their way to the club and they swept him up into their travels! PAK legs were ejected and he stood himself up into the air on them, making sure he was a head taller than the crowd inside. Such a strange crowd too. Uglier than usual.

    Immediately, Zim began to make his way towards the front door when his pathway was suddenly blocked by some sort of ugly being. Insectoid, but obviously not Irken. Her skin was a bright blue, her eyes were a dark green, and her mouth...a lot like an Earth fly's. The antennae on her head twitched as the pincers on the side of her head clacked. "I'vvvvve nevvvver zzeen another bug creature here befffore! I thought I wazzzzz alone! Nnnow we can rrrrebuild the bug colony and conquer this planet forevvvver!"

    The Irken stared at her, an eye bugging out. "...WHAT."

    "Offfff courzze you're a little zzzzmaller than I'd like but we cannnn work it out, yezzz! For the good of the colony!" The female began to grab Zim, who was quick to deflect her hands with his PAK legs.

    "ZIM IS PART OF NO COLONY, FOOL! HE IS PART OF AN ARMADA! And I do not SHARE with PITIFUL BUGS LIKE YOOOOU." A finger was thrust in the bug woman's face and her eyes began to water. Or...or something. Her tears looked incredibly gross. Like snot.

    "Zzzo you won't evvven HELP me?" The Irken shook his head and the female began to bawl. Everywhere the tears dropped there was a slight bit of hissing before steam began to rise as the mucus ate away at the floor. Seeing this, Zim threw up a shield and skittered away as quick as he could, finally losing the bawling insectoid in the crowd. Though now he didn't know where the exit was.


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