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    You Should See the Other Guy...



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    You Should See the Other Guy...

    Post by Grodus on Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:09 pm

    Time: 2:30 PM
    Date: 3/26/2014

    After his successful trip to the Outer District, Grodus slowly made his way back to the Stock Pot Inn. It wasn't exactly a far distance between the two districts, but between that and how tiring the fight had been, he nearly felt as tired as he did back on his first day on the Breach. His mood was certainly a lot better, though, given that in the end he managed to scrap that disguised robot and get the info he needed.

    It would've been a sight to spy the technomage walking through the front door, disheveled as he was. There weren't any obvious signs of injury like bruising, but his robes had seen better days, and all of his clothing had at least some dust or dirt in places.

    You wouldn't know he got in a fight from his attitude, though. The mage almost seemed happy, at least as far as anyone could tell with the concealing clothing and all. If anyone was really paying attention, they might've heard Grodus humming a bit of a jaunty tune to himself as he headed for the hall leading towards his room.

    The rest of this day would be taken up by cleaning up his robes and recovering from battle, but he could put up with that. He had a new lead, and would be following it in the morning.

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