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    The Inner Sanctum



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    The Inner Sanctum

    Post by Sonia on Thu Aug 07, 2014 12:42 am

    The Inner Sanctum

    The great doors of old stone waited patiently for any to approach them, steadfast in their duty to the Queen and the Kingdom. Despite their rather forboding apperance, one only had to look at the Prawn Pawns guarding them to be allowed inside. After all, the White Queen had promised that all would be able to return to her again and speak to her once more.

    Upon stepping into the inner sanctum once more you would be met again with the strange blue light, and swirling carvings of the walls. The Queen sat, still upon her dias surrounded by water, as if she had not moved at all since last night.

    She raised her heavy head once more, slowly, pale lips stretching slightly into a smile to welcome you once more. Waving you closer. What did you have to say to her today? What did she have to say to you? All would soon be revealed hopefully.

    It was a new day and there was much to do.

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