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    It's a Matter of Pride

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    It's a Matter of Pride

    Post by Portal-X on Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:39 pm

    Time: 7/21/0005
    Date: ???

    So this was it, the hour that everyone had been waiting for. Can't say he was very enthused...

    In his floating house way above the denizens of Portal Breach and wearing only the most comfortable of pajamas, Portal-X was leisurely perusing his newspaper when a familiar whiny grumble came from the guest chair positioned across him. "Oh Z, don't act as if you hate my taste in upholstery. We all know you fancy a modest dose of refinery," said the wise brother.

    "єħ... Ĭ Μŭςħ ρяє₣єя ĿєДţħєя." The embodiment of chaos itself and never one that liked being seated for more than five minutes, Portal-Z anxiously glanced around and felt... blasé. This was taking far too long already! "Бяόţħєя," he piped up, a grin stretching upon his inky-black face. "ςДЛ ẅє Лόẅ ₣ĬЛĬšħ όŭя ğДΜє¿ ρяєţţΫ-ρĿєДšє, ẅĬţħ Д ςħєяяΫ όЛ ţόρ¿" After all, he had been a very patient and loving sibling during these past few months. Surely his brother would think it time to reward such good behaviour? Not a single random act of depravity or an impromptu cataclysm to be had! Yes, yes. A reward was in order, and it couldn't arrive soon enough.

    But Portal-X was a wily one, and he peered over his reading to observe his brother's fidgeting. "I don't know, brother, can you?"

    Oh, you cheeky...

    "...ΜДΫ ẅє Лόẅ ₣ĬЛĬšħ όŭя ğДΜє¿"

    "That's a good boy."

    The daily funnies were soon exchanged for black and red, a chessboard materializing before the two dichotomies. Portal-Z eagerly clapped and admired his crimson piece, while Portal-X scooted closer and inspected his marble troops. "Hmm... These aren't quite the pieces I was hoping for, but they shall do." He played with a few and spun them on their bases, looking up. "Brother, where are the rest of yours?"

    Now it was time for Portal-Z to be the wily one, and he merely laughed, "ţħєΫ Дяє ħєяє, Ðό Лόţ ₣яєţ! Ĭ ÐєςĬÐєÐ ţό ğĬ√є Ϋόŭ Д ħДЛÐĬςДρ ţħĬš ţĬΜє ДяόŭЛÐ, šєєĬЛğ Дš ħόẅ Ϋόŭя όяĬğĬЛДĿ ρĬєςєš ₣ДĬĿєÐ ΜĬšєяДБĿΫ."

    Right, right...

    "Tut, tut! That was but a warm-up," Portal-X reasoned. A rather dismal first round, but still a first round nevertheless. Mistakes were bound to happen. "You may have won a battle but you will certainly not win the war, I am positive of it. Now, do you remember the rules and the stakes? I know you, dearest brother - you, sir, are a liar and a cheat. A scoundrel too, but we won't go into details."

    Portal-Z grinned a mischievous grin and idly twirled his fair lady around between two fingers. "₣ДĬя єЛόŭğħ!" he laughed. "ДЛÐ Ϋєš, Ĭ Ðό яєΜєΜБєя. šħДĿĿ ẅє БєğĬЛ¿"

    "Let's," the Portal Deity agreed.

    Something is happening... Can you feel it?

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