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    Power of Science!

    Sho Minamimoto
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    Power of Science!

    Post by Sho Minamimoto on Mon Jul 21, 2014 12:29 pm

    Time: 4:17 PM
    Date: 21st July, 2014

    Finally coming to the ground inside, Sho stopped floating and landed on his own two feet. He waltzed further and further into the Ars Magus base, taking in the scenery of the first room. There appeared to be a massive generator with blue energy lines running down all of it. So it wasn't broken? That was surprising. Actually, it was fairly warm on the inside. A refreshing change to how ice cold it had been, Sho found. He liked this place already. Though, it was entirely possible that it was still in use and he found it by chance, now that he thought about it.

    Oh well! He could cross that bridge when he came to it. He observed that the area seemed to be gathering dust, though... there were a few areas without dust, but this area was still generally dusty. There was the remains of a walkway on the ground and a door up above that on the wall, too. Perfect for him. He hovered on up there, forced open the door (which came open fairly easily, actually) and walked through the corridor afterward. It was an odd facility, this one. Why would it be out here in the middle of nowhere anyway?

    ...Yeah, Sho had never heard of the whole Hazama ordeal.

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