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    There's No Peace When It Comes To Algebra

    Sho Minamimoto
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    There's No Peace When It Comes To Algebra

    Post by Sho Minamimoto on Fri Jul 18, 2014 6:57 pm

    Time: 11:12 PM
    Date: 2nd July, 2014

    Why was he up here again?

    Sho floated above the clouds. Ah, that was the reason. Peace and quiet. He never wanted peace and quiet usually, but it was hard to think of other nefarious ways to murder the Composer while gangs were busy firing guns and being annoying in your left ear. The mathematician would write numbers on the sky if he could, now that he thought about it... and there was another thought gone to the wind. Nothing was coming to his mind. He didn't have allies, nor did he particularly want allies because cooperation was garbage, he wasn't very knowledgeable with machinery, and he didn't really have any method on his person of taking Joshua down that didn't involve "beat the shit out of him using brute force".

    He'd already tried that, and it didn't work, anyway. So he floated, looking around. There had been a house in the distance, but he'd gotten an odd vibe from there, and had decided not to go anywhere near the place. It just seemed like a place that was more or less just likely to end with something negative or bad happening. Sho couldn't even explain it, but his insane mind followed this gut instinct to stay away anyway. The Reaper slowly started descending, a long way up but headed towards the ground.

    "A waste of time. QED." Was his lone comment as he descended back towards the Outer District.

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