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    Primacy and Recency

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    Primacy and Recency

    Post by Pirate Lord Ridley on Fri Jul 18, 2014 4:25 pm

    Time: 1:46 PM
    Date: 17th July, 2014

    It had been a while since his alleged deal. Ridley had met the notorious "Judge Fear" in the Sanctuary. Fear had unabashedly sauntered over to him and asked outright for weapons of mass destruction. In return, Ridley had requested that Judge Fear kill off Kev permanently and upon the revelation that people apparently don't burst into code when they die and get sent to the Pool of Souls, had agreed that Fear would bring Kev's lifeless body to him, but would keep it. However, Ridley assumed he had the complete upper hand.

    "So if Fear lies... I'll be able to tell. Lifesigns are easy to detect with a scan." He'd be able to tell how long Kev had been dead, what killed Kev, and whether Kev was actually dead or not. If Kev was alive and playing dead, even if very well? Ridley would kill the both of them there and then. Judge Fear showed no lifesigns, but neither did some of the enemies that the Space Pirates had encountered in the past, most notably the Chozo Ghosts on the Planet Tallon IV and the zombie-like Galactic Federation troops on the Planet Aether. And don't even get them STARTED on the Dark Hunter...

    Ridley smugly stood perched on the surface of the planet. He had the upper hand, for sure. If something went wrong, he'd call in a Bio-Weapon to wreck their shit for him. Otherwise, he'd hand over the weapons and be glad Kev was gone. Kev wasn't too big a problem, but it'd cause turmoil for him to vanish as he was a fairly popular part of the community. Seeing him vanish and people begin to panic, and want to kill him and Fear... he was fine with that, and it'd greatly amuse him.

    Ah, the latest development... Phalagon had been proven to not be so useful at all when directly tested on subjects, instead just outright killing them - it had shown, however, that part of what made up Phalagon made for an excellent fuel source. Not just for ships, either; this worked for things like machinery, electricity, you name it! Barriers could be powered, Mother Brain could be more stable, and he could use his wings easier, since being in Meta Form had some pretty good advantages.

    Things were looking up for the Space Pirate Lord.

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