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    Post by Prixlezub on Thu Jul 17, 2014 11:05 pm

    Time: 4:36 PM
    Date: January 7, 0004

    Even in the grey chill of winter the desert's infamous heat refused to dissipate. While a canopy of flat, dark clouds hung over most of the continent, they broke up and dispersed upon touching the arid climate. Mirages wavered flickered with the rising waves of heat, nary a creature to be found on the blistering sands. Much like the claims of the more experienced denizens of the continent, the desert's inhospitable reputation appeared to follow it to a consistent tee... Unless one were to live on the coast just beyond the rolling dunes and shimmering red sand.

    The climate to arid and barren to grow any worthwhile crops, the coastline instead lined itself with wharves capable of harboring large vessels. Massive ships pulled into the pier, big enough to be mistaken for a cruise liner if not for the names that adorned their bows; Rip Tide, Ahab's Eye, and Sea Eagle. As the crews readied to unload their catches and the maintenance crews on the shore secured the massive vessels for routine checkups and repairs, a few smaller boats pulled into the docks further down. Nets hung from them like furled sails and smaller crews went about securing their ships to the pier.

    Further away from the bustle of the fishing docks, canneries and other fish processing facilities separated the shores from the town that sat just behind it. An ample, wealthy area since many of the residents undoubtedly took profit from all the fishing activity. Family took their vocational duties in either the processing factories, the local shops or on the massive fishing vessels themselves. Competition between the different fishing companies operating in the same place certainly helped in keeping things interesting and the cash flowing as various fish and whale products were routinely carried by truck to the city.

    Outside of the relatively happy shore-side community however, an unseen presence loomed. Just a few miles beyond the outskirts of the town limits he sat, the usual tell-tale signs of molten claw and hoof prints absent under a veil of arcane energy. To think that the prince was alone as he quietly observed the fishing village was folly, for there were others, a teeming multitude standing alongside him unseen and unheard until the prince gave them a silent command.

    Dispersing, they surrounded the village, from the simple welcoming sign that read: Sante Marie County Limits, to the watery edges of the wharf. From there they moved down, digging into the earth a good six feet before removing their shadowy cloaks. They were no bigger than a football, glossy black smooth stone with a glowing core. With a hiss of stone rubbing against itself the constructs separated to reveal their pulsating fiery heart before laying flat on the floor of their holes, runes facing upward to glow ominously. All of them, save for one that remained cloaked as it traveled up and hovered a few hundred feet above the oblivious town.

    Now in position, all there was left to do was wait. The fishermen would not go back out to sea so quickly just after they returned to shore, especially when the larger boats required maintenance. The smaller ones? They had returned for the week and would likely go back out after the crew had spent time with family. Left to live out the remainder of their lives in ignorance, the demon prince turned and lumbered off into the wastes.

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