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    Watch Me Corrode

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    Watch Me Corrode

    Post by Universal NPC on Sat Jun 28, 2014 3:36 pm

    JUNE 14th, YEAR FIVE; 02:51

    With the Gamma's ever expanding universe and the various new species (or citizens) that came around so often, things began to change the entirety of the planet, including off-planet. The arrival of new people meant things would evolve, change and form to better suit the new inhabitants. But sometimes... sometimes things just appeared from their home with no provocation. Things like animals, creatures, plants, minerals... and power sources. And as the Gamma studied the new things that appeared occasionally, it also welcomed them, but perhaps not with the citizens in mind.

    For months, a small meteorite had been floating within the proximity of the Gamma-X, lifeless and aimlessly floating through the space. Finally meeting with Gamma-X on this particular eve, it began to descend upon the earth of Gamma-X, and soon collided with a small and rather faint landing, the majority of the meteorite burned up withing the atmosphere. With the landing, nothing seemed to change. It was just a rock, and seemed pretty harmless. And so, it went unnoticed, untouched, and completely dormant...

    JUNE 20th; 04:23

    The meteorite had been unscathed for a week without anything harming it, touching it, or investigating it. It had been reclaimed by the earth, covered in long grass and leaves, the entire forest-line ignoring it. Within the next hour, it seemed some cows wandered the line, looking for various food sources, all while trying to stay close to the open field. A large one had been eating its way into the forest, and upon the meteor, it ate the restraints, happily chewing its cud. Taking a step forward, the fat beast unknowingly broke the meteor and within it, a bright purple glow.

    Of course, this made the cow run away, but it still let forth something that would've been best to keep inside. A small amount of purple crystals glowed brightly, and everything around it began to wither, as if death itself touched it. Soon, it had its own ring of death, and nothing came close to it, living things having feared the aura it emitted. Day and night, it would glow faintly, and it was noticeable to those who had good eyes.

    JUNE 24th; 23:00

    The radiation that festered within the crystal began to spring forth and do damage to all around it. Animals too small to handle the mutation it created died quickly, but those that could manage it began to become... unstable. The bovines that roamed before stayed away from it, but still in close proximity, and mutated far worse than their smaller animal brethren. Their bodies blackened and corrosive, the acted wild and insane. Most eventually succumbed by suicide, the ones that didn't began to turn on each other, until none remained. Their bodies assisted in releasing the radiation in the air, thus, anything within a mile radius would slowly mutate.

    But how long until it grew into a larger radius...?



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    Re: Watch Me Corrode

    Post by Zs'Skayr on Sat Jun 28, 2014 3:39 pm

    JUNE 27th, YEAR FIVE; 03:20

    It was a good thing tonight seemed like a good night to go out and find some sinners for the Dark Judges,  because otherwise, Zs'Skayr would've not come across this beautiful display. Large, deformed creatures,  laying upon their sides and very much dead. It made the Ectonurite curious as to what they were, but  after but a moment of thought, he recognized them. Or at least, what caused this. A small look of surprise  briefly met his bony face as he flew quickly over and past the carcasses and straight to the area of the  source. The plants looked a little brown, but the air was what most would notice; it felt sick to those not  used to this, sick and heavy, as if metal filled their lungs. But to the Ectonurite, this was nothing for him  to worry about.

    Moving plants that desperately tried to cling to life aside, he found the culprit, nestled in the shell of the  meteorite. "Corrodium..." the ghastly figure rasped out and released a small cackle  before stopping, and looking around anxiously. No one appeared to have come here, except whatever stupid  animal dared to get close. And it appeared to have the same effects as--"Why don't we get  you someplace safe..." he stated aloud, jokingly mostly, as he wrapped his claws around the chunk of  Corrodium. Moving his eye upon his chest and removing a small portion of his skin, Zs'Skayr safely tucked  the cargo inside.

    He could not get close to anyone with such cargo; they would surely become contaminated. No, anyone who  wasn't used to such dark and high energy... it would be disastrous... But perhaps... A thought popped into  the alien's mind, quickly and like a flash. Yes... he'd very much enjoy doing something with this dangerous  substance... But not alone. He needed many things in order to put the material to work! A solid plan,  technological advances, a place to keep it contained safely and securely... many factors came into play. First  of all, he needed to find a place to contain it. Then he would worry about what to do with it.

    With the 'precious cargo' inside and gone from the grassland line, the area would begin to renew itself, and  become safe once more. The cow carcasses would become normal looking (if not disgusting), and it would  be as if nothing even happened there.

    Of course, now the only problem was...

    Where to keep it?

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