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    Now Open!

    Post by Njorth on Sun Jun 22, 2014 5:50 pm

    DATE: JUNE 9TH, 2014

    It had been nearly an hour since Njorth's alarm clock had woken him up. He had an hour to spare before opening his store for the first time. It was more than enough time for the man to take a shower and gussy up. Believe him, gussying up was indeed a necessity, for he was known to have the worst bed hair. He supposed that was what he got for keeping it so long, but he didn't care. That's just the way he liked it. At least the water made the thick mop on his head easier to maintain, if only a little.

    Now Njorth stood in the shop, munching away on a piece of toast with strawberry jam as he watched the clock. The radio was tuned in to the Portal Breach news as usual. The Nord had just finished his toast when the clock struck nine. As the clock chimed, he approached the front door, flipping the closed sign to open.

    Perfect! he thought, proud of his achievement. Njorth's Nookery was now open to the public! His dream of running an alchemy shop was finally being realized, and he couldn't possibly be happier. Now all that was left to do was to wait for his first customers to arrive...

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