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    Advertisement: Moonshine Tavern



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    Advertisement: Moonshine Tavern

    Post by Lunette on Thu Jun 19, 2014 10:10 am

    JUNE 9TH, YEAR 5
    TIME: 13:58

    The Moonshine Tavern is now OPEN!

    Come in and have a seat, a drink and something to eat. Let all your woes drown in delicious and wide varieties of liquor, and in a relaxing environment. Not into alcohol? Not a problem, come in to mingle or to have something to eat, with a nice selection of comfort foods to bring your spirits up. There's also pool, card tables, music, dancing, and even a a lounge area for those who want a quieter experience.

    Hours are from 6 PM to 6 AM, open all night and ALL are welcome, no matter how old or young you are!

    Lunette looked over the flier she wrote and nodded, feeling it worked well to advertise her new work and home. "Hopefully I'll get customers that aren't rowdy," she thought aloud before turning and looking at the sky. 2 in the afternoon, and still, she hadn't eaten a thing! Can't have that, can we? With the advertisement up and her bar ready to go, Lunette decided to stop by some place and get something to eat before heading back and cleaning up a bit. She wanted her bar to look clean and presentable to all.

    Just because she specialized in liquors didn't mean kids couldn't come around! She did have an arcade machine in there, after all, and she loved feeding kids junk food like chili cheese fries. So young and full of life... and hyperactivity.

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