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    Announcing the Upcoming Opening Of... GOODNESS NO



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    Announcing the Upcoming Opening Of... GOODNESS NO

    Post by Njorth on Thu Jun 05, 2014 3:32 pm

    DATE: JUNE 5TH, 2014
    TIME: 3:00 PM

    Now Njorth knew why he left his fur cloak inside. For the past few hours, Njorth had been at work making signs. The sun had been shining down on him, and it was taking its toll. The Nord sweated profusely as he painted. He had just finished carving the wooden sign now hanging over his door, and was now working on a banner announcing the upcoming opening of his shop. The wooden sign proclaimed the building as "Njorth's Nookery," and was embellished with the design of a dragon.

    He wiped the sweat from his brow an admired his handiwork. The banner was finally done! He hung it up over the lower floor windows. It announced: "Coming Soon: Njorth's Nookery, Potion Store! Opening Monday, June 9th at 9 AM!" Finally, he could rest for a bit. He made his way into the kitchen, grabbing a drink from the fridge and taking a seat in one of the two barstools. As he drank, he heard the sound of something scurrying under his feet. He looked down, paling at what he saw. Roaches!

    Njorth jolted up out of his seat, frantically stomping at the insufferable insects scampering about on the floor. He managed to kill most of them, but one narrowly escaped his fury, skittering under the fridge. Disgusting! Now it was no wonder his home was being sold for such a low price. The previous owner is presumed dead, there was dust and countless cobwebs that needed to be cleaned up, and now this. He couldn't be having this. His store was opening Monday, and he hated to think of what his customers might think if they saw roaches having free roam of the place. It was then that he remembered an ad on the Portal Breach bulletin board. A man was looking for a job, said he was an exterminator. Njorth would probably need to invest in his services.

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