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    Perfect For The Ambitious Alchemist



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    Perfect For The Ambitious Alchemist

    Post by Njorth on Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:10 pm

    ((Store/house development thread!))

    DATE: MAY 31ST, 2014
    TIME: 1:30 PM

    Thus far, today had been an uneventful one for Njorth. Most of his morning had been spent walking about the city, nothing particularly interesting. Now he had wandered into the business district, making mental note of anywhere he might like to visit in the future. One building he eventually stumbled across was completely void of activity, the inside dim as a cave. It had the appearance of an old townhouse, and was wedged between two other buildings. There appeared to be paper tacked on the mailbox. The Nord made his way to the mailbox, getting a closer look at the paper. It would seem that the property is for sale!

    He skimmed through the information on the paper, interested in seeing what the place had to offer. Let's see... It's apparently a shop previously owned by an old alchemist. The alchemist disappeared and is presumed dead. All of the furniture was left behind. There is a shop and kitchen on the bottom floor, and the top floor holds alchemy supplies, a bathroom, and a bedroom. The price of the property has dropped significantly due to being on the market for a really long time.

    The place certainly had Njorth's interest, but this had to be too good to be true! He walked up the stairs of the abandoned store-home, peering inside through the glass on the door. This was no joke. All the furniture was still there, unchanged since the day the property was abandoned. Sure, there was probably dust everywhere, but that could be fixed. The potential buyer returned to the paper on the mailbox, making note of the contact number listed at the bottom. He walked away, heading in the direction of the Stock Pot Inn. He needed to make a phone call.

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