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    LF [Silver Winged Necklace]



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    LF [Silver Winged Necklace]

    Post by Lunette on Thu May 22, 2014 3:02 pm

    TIME: 16:23
    MAY 20th, YEAR 5

    Requester: Ms. Lunette
    Type of Request: Simple searching and keeping an eye out.
    When I arrived here, or a very short time before, I had been robbed of a silver winged necklace with a gemstone in the center. It was my mother's, you see, and I'd very much like to get it back. It'd be a bonus if you found the men who had taken it in the first place, but I'd rather have the necklace back. Now, I'm not asking anyone to search, but I am requesting if you could keep an eye out for it, it looks like this image below:


    If you happen to come across something like this, please take it to the Inn and tell the person at the counter that it 'belongs to Lunette'. Leave your name as well and I'll see what I can do regarding a reward!

    Reward: Credits, or maybe buy you a drink sometime? Or make you one!
    Additional Notes: I don't really remember what the men looked like that took it in the first place, but I do know that one was large, the other had wings, and the last one's face wasn't quite right... but that's all I can remember. Sorry! Oh, and the gemstone changes colors! It's very neat.

    And with that up, hopefully people would keep a look out and contact her if they found anything! Though Lunette would thoroughly enjoy finding the guys who did this and beating them herself, it's always nice to have a couple extra pairs of eyes to seek out what she had lost. She may not have a lot of money, but she could certainly reward someone with a nice drink. And a virgin one if they don't like alcohol. It wasn't much, but it'll do. For now, she'd have to find it herself. She had been looking for a few days, and it was tiring...

    "Well, a step closer, at least," Lunette said to herself as she walked across the street, heading down to the recreational district. She wanted to check out a few places...

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