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    Njorth's Weapons and Powers



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    Njorth's Weapons and Powers

    Post by Njorth on Wed May 21, 2014 10:54 pm


    Name: Frostbite/Ice Spike
    Type: Ice magic (destruction spells)
    Appearance: A blast of cold and ice projectile respectively.
    Description: Njorth is no stranger to the school of destruction. His power over ice allows him to attack from a distance.
    Specifics: 2 dice, 1 coin. 1 AP per use.

    Name: Bound battleaxe
    Type: Summonable battleaxe
    (the axe, obviously)

    Description: Sometimes Njorth likes to get more up close and personal. He can summon a large, two handed battleaxe to use in combat.
    Specifics: 2 dice, 1 coin. 2 AP when summoned. 1 AP per use.


    LEVEL 01

    Name: Unrelenting Force (offense)
    Description: The first Shout that Njorth ever learned: fus (force) ro (balance) dah (push). It is also his favorite. It sends the targeted opponent flying, resulting in a rather painful fall.
    Specifics: 2 dice, 1 coin. 2 AP per use. If the coin is HIT, full damage is done. If the coin is MISS, only half damage is done.

    LEVEL 10

    Name: Marked for Death (damage enhancer)
    Description: Njorth only knows one word for this Shout, lun (leech), but it gets the job done. It weakens the opponent, thus Njorth is able to use the dice tier above his current one for up to three turns.
    Specifics: 5 AP. 1 coin. If coin is HIT, effects last for three turns. If coin is MISS, effects last for only one turn.

    LEVEL 20

    Name: Blood of the North (healing)
    Description: An ability granted by Njorth's birthsign. Restores a random amount of his HP.
    Specifics: 2 AP for 1 dice. 4 AP for 2 dice. 6 AP for 3 dice.

    LEVEL 30

    Name: Devastating Blow (stun)
    Description: Njorth is strong, that's for certain. His fists are already a powerful weapon, but when he really pushes himself, the results can be devastating.
    Specifics: Follows stun mechanics. 2 dice, 1 coin. 10 AP. 5 turn cooldown.

    LEVEL 40
    Name: Whirlwind Sprint (Dodge)
    Description: The second shout that Njorth learned to its fullest: wuld (whirlwind) nah (fury) kest (tempest). It allows him to sprint at inhuman speeds, and can be used to dodge attacks from opponents. If interrupted before he completes the shout, however, it is completely cancelled.
    Specifics: Follows dodge mechanics. 5 AP. 5 turn cooldown.

    LEVEL 50
    Name: Heal Other (Helping power)
    Description: Njorth's mother taught him to heal at a young age. With this spell, he can heal a member of his group.
    Specifics: 2 AP for 1 dice. 4 AP for 2 dice. 6 AP for 3 dice.

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    Re: Njorth's Weapons and Powers

    Post by Zurg on Tue May 27, 2014 8:20 pm

    Hello, Lorraine! Good job taking a stab at your powers; they can be quite tricky.

    Most of these seemed fairly fine, but I went ahead and did some rearranging. Please look over Njorth's character sheet and get back to me if anything is amiss. Otherwise, he is now ready for combat.

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