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    Energy Spike

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    Energy Spike

    Post by Pirate Lord Ridley on Mon Apr 28, 2014 7:35 pm

    Time: 11:24 PM
    Date: 28th April, 2014

    Deep in Tourian, Space Pirates lie. That had been a known fact for a while, though some Portal Breach citizens had forgotten of their existence or assumed them wiped out after Phazon. This knowledge was untrue, along with the idea that their lord, Ridley, had left the Gamma or was deceased. Most Pirates that had gone to Portal Breach had merely stayed hidden, anyway; especially such disguising Pirates as Shadow Pirates. The Militia in the City had blended in just fine, and had gotten away without detection.

    Deep in Tourian was the communications base of Space Pirates for Zebes, anyway. It was where communications were mainly handled; inter-planetary communications and inter-galaxy communications all happened here, if not reaching the Mothership first. They'd taken a heavy hit from the Phazon Incident but had long since recovered; hard to believe it had already been two years since the entire Phazon thing, wasn't it? The Space Pirates had been recovering all this time, and were more or less ready for action again.

    But, today, they received a message. It was a message from outer space, from the half of their forces that they sent out there. They'd done so before the Phazon Crisis, and hadn't called them back; the extra forces may have won them the war if they HAD been brought back, but the Pirates decided to use them defensively instead, and when they were recuperating from their losses, the Pirates sent out into space had been INVALUABLE as units to help repopulate and recover the bases for the Space Pirates, especially when it came to rebuilding Mother Brain again.

    The message came from far away. Far, far away.

    Space Pirate Broadcast wrote:
    "Space Pirate Team "Energy" Alpha communicating with Tourian over secure line.

    We've come across something glorious. A energy source like no other. It was contained in a galaxy dubbed the Impigritas Galaxy, hidden and protected by a race known as the Tarien. Upon learning of the intelligence that they had energy sources hidden in secret in the caves of their world, we promptly waged war on them and slaughtered their forces in the ensuing struggle. We suffered minimal casualties from the war; they were not a race built for fighting, as was made evident as we allowed no survivors. Attack Squadron Delta is currently tasked with finding and terminating any remaining survivors in the caves, and have shown no problems with doing so. Any potential survivor groups have been documented and eliminated as soon as they were found, leaving no survivors.

    The energy sources, which our Science Team has dubbed as "Sustained Generators of Phalagic Energy", are generators that generate energy that is of a type we have never seen before. These energy generators, while still wasteful in the energy that they generate, generate a peculiar type of energy dubbed "Phalagon". It emits an odd type of ray that we've never seen before, so be wary of it when you receive samples sent by us for you to examine. This energy could be used to power incredible machinery, and could be used to supercharge a machine without overloading it, as demonstrated by some machines that existed here, their energy levels being phenomenal. The generators can be attached to machines rather than energy sources such as batteries, and in doing so the energy source, Phalagon, can be transferred to the machines directly. Whether this could allow us to create the perfect Space Pirate Soldier or not is currently unknown, as we lack the appropriate style of Frigate that allows for containment if accidents occur.

    However, this energy could be capable of throwing us far forward in terms of bio-weapon strength, and thus cannot be ignored or passed over. Please test this energy source; we will continue searching for other potential sources.

    This was the full broadcast, the energy not having arrived yet. The Pirates bringing the energy were likely on their way, so they didn't have long to wait. Their package would be delivered and they would test this "energy" out... it had been a long time coming, what with the teams being out there for sweeps and sweeps at a time.

    Their plans had likely already come to fruition...

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