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    White Plains

    Eridan Ampora


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    White Plains

    Post by Eridan Ampora on Mon Apr 28, 2014 7:33 pm

    Time: 1:36 AM
    Date: 26th February, 2014
    BGM: Phendrana Icelands

    Eridan traversed the Icelands. It was snowing tonight. The snow came light, not heavy enough to take away his tracks just yet. The tracks he left would stay for a few days, not that he was that bothered. No-one was following him, so why would he care? Wherever he looked, he could just see white. White snow, clouds, and snowy mountains in the distance. He didn't even know which direction he was traveling in anymore... he'd slowly started to circle around, unbeknownst to him. Eridan felt an odd pull... he'd felt it all year. He was just following it now.

    Whatever way he walked was him following the pull that he'd felt... it was similar to the pull of a trail left for him. Wherever he was going, it was where he felt his hope power pulling him. At least, that was what he'd assumed it was. He'd left on a journey to find out how to control his hope power, and was doing so by following its pull in his mind, traveling across the land to figure out what the source of this pull was. When he'd figured it out, he'd be able to turn around and go home again. Until then, he was going to carry on going.

    Silently, Eridan trudged along. He still practiced summoning his hope magic every night, but he'd still been unable to use it the way Judge Fear had brought it out so many nights ago. It'd only been about two or three weeks, yet it felt like months and months since the Judge Fear encounter. Eridan only knew that Fear had brought up past trauma. Could he only use that power when he was in despair? What would he have to do to access that power? And when he did use that power... would he have to become the monster he became when he used that power, destroying in nothing but anger? As he was, he could only use a fraction of his hope power to fight with like that... it wasn't the full deal.

    He'd never gone looking for this power before. Was it even right? Ah, who gave a shit... he was doing it so that he could use it at a whim, and not be a pathetic little ass when it came to not letting people kill his matesprits. He wasn't so much the kiss of death as he was someone who either murdered, or stood around while someone else murdered his matesprits. He was gonna get strong, and then go back, and then fuck up ANYONE who tried to kill them again, let alone Aradia.

    Like Judge Fear! Even if you would come back, and even if he didn't know that, he was still gonna murder you if you went for them again. If he could, anyway. He wasn't any traditional hero that have second chances to everyone, he was Eridan Ampora and was very much in favour of the Ragna the Bloodedge rule of "You fucked everything up, I'm not forgiving you, I'm now going to proceed to fuck YOU up". Speaking of which, that coat was still on his back. He'd take that and give it to Aradia when he next saw her. It'd long since dried from where it had been wet, and to keep it from getting wet again, he'd put it in his captachlog inventory when and if it started to rain.

    He'd come a long way... and he wasn't done yet. He felt his hope pulling him forward, and the boy walked forward.

    He'd be at his destination in a few days, he hoped.

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